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VEGAN Happy release limited edition pride logo branded goods


VEGAN Happy release limited edition pride logo branded goods

In the UK, February is LGBT+ History Month, marking the abolition in 2003 of Article 28.

“We set about creating a range that was affordable and stylish. Great quality, 100% animal cruelty-free, and with a subtle vegan message or logo that would suit all age ranges and genders. A range of wardrobe staples that could easily be paired with the rest of your clothes and would look good at home, at work, in the gym, or casual out-and-about with friends. “ – Lorri, VEGAN Happy

To recognise this and spread some vegan love to the LGBT+ community throughout the month VEGAN Happy has rebranded some of their favourite items with the new PRIDE VEGAN Happy logo.

VEGAN Happy clothing started two years ago, when two new vegans in the UK – Lorri & Mick – were trying to find clothes that would go with the rest of their wardrobes, so they could fly the vegan flag wherever they went.

All they could find were confrontational T-shirts with large in-your-face messaging and unfortunately not suitable to wear to a meeting or a client pitch. So, VEGAN Happy was born.

10% of profits from the new pride-related range is to be donated to LGBT+ and vegan organisations.

“We are delighted to announce our first limited edition logo for Pride month too. A special month that has a special place in my heart.” – Lorri, VEGAN Happy

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