Gaynor is pointing fingers in Pobol Y Cwm while Cameron plots to frame Dylan in River City

This week in Cwmderi, Shieldinch and Glanrafon.

Following her return from Spain, Dani is determined to show everyone that she is now the boss and manages to ruffle a few feathers.

Barry is still struggling to find out where Carys has gone. Dylan has to make a decision about a difficult celebration, and Mel is full of enthusiasm for her new plan… but will she have competition?

Barry and Iestyn manage to trick Dani by helping her with Wyn’s laptop, while Dani’s intention to sell her inheritance casts a shadow over Cilbedlam. As Mathew’s frustration increases, once again he turns to his painkillers.

The competition to win the café’s delivery service continues between Mel and Jason.

Rownd a Rownd, S4C, Tuesday and Thursday, 8.25 pm

Sara pleads with Jason to reconsider going for full custody of Ifan when she receives an official letter from his solicitor.

Gaynor despairs in her empty house with no news from the police about her lost money and possessions.

After returning from their holiday, Britt worries about Garry’s reaction as she realises how much of his money they’ve spent. Dani comes to terms with news that will change her life as she knows it.

As she accepts a job and makes herself at home in Cwmderi, Non does her upmost to conceal the reality of her life in Brecon from Mark.

A paranoid Gaynor starts pointing fingers and accusing people of the fraud, but she’s caught by surprise when the police turn up to question Izzy.

As Gaynor endeavours to find out more about Izzy’s monthly donation to Thailand, a hurt Izzy struggles to forgive her mother for suspecting her own daughter of fraud.

Pobol y Cwm S4C, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8 pm

As Caitlin is bundled into a police car, Maggie tries to keep calm. Poppy tells Maggie the harsh reality of the situation – Caitlin’s bail is under threat and she could face charges of perverting the course of justice.

Elsewhere, the Murdoch’s unite in their grief for Charlotte. Lenny, Alex and Rory all agree someone needs to talk to Amber, who has hidden her daughter’s death from the family. Lenny confronts Amber, but she rejects his sympathies, blaming him for the Murdochs’ misery.

Following Cameron’s attack, Dylan wants to call the police but Cameron won’t hear of it, claiming Stevie is under enough pressure. Eve is suspicious of her son’s unwillingness to press charges and questions whether he wants to avoid any police attention on himself. Smarting from the accusation, Cameron sets about framing Dylan for stalking Poppy.

Later in the week, Maggie visits Caitlin in jail offering reassurance. When Maggie suggests they tell Ruby of their suspicions about Nicole, Caitlin urges caution – Nicole is Ruby’s only friend. Back at the Tall Ship, Ruby is stunned to discover Caitlin’s confession tapes. Later, when Caitlin is released from jail, Ruby is torn about how she feels about her mother’s innocence.

Lou approaches a drunk Amber on the street and offers her condolences. Feeling she can finally open up, Amber talks about what happened to Charlotte, breaking down in tears. Lou’s heart breaks as she watches her ex struggle with her grief.

River City, BBC Scotland Channel, Monday and Wednesday, 10 pm

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