Your Pick of the Plots for Friday, March 12.

Lucas goes to a job interview posing as ‘Jordan’ but the interviewer, Caleb, can’t be fooled so easily. Tempers flare when Caleb asks Lucas what he is really there for. Later, Chelsea confronts Lucas after Caleb tells her everything. Lucas agrees to do the job but only if she visits church with him.

Meanwhile, the situation with Janet has not gone unnoticed by social services and there continues to be friction between Jay and Billy. Honey’s put in a dilemma when Suki refuses to give her sick pay. Jay and Billy decide to take on Honey’s shifts between them.

Elsewhere, Stacey tries to clear things up at the police station; Bailey is cheered by her progression in a school science competition, but Bernie has some sad news about Bronson.

EastEnders, BBC One, 8.35pm

Harvey approaches Simon and reveals he knows Jacob’s been ripping him off. Despite Jacob having admitted the truth to him, Simon feigns ignorance and Harvey offers him a promotion. Simon wants out but Harvey threatens him.

Leanne wants to go to the police but Simon insists they can’t – he’s sold the pills. Appalled, Leanne tells Simon she’ll meet Harvey and sort this.

Meanwhile, when Nina cools things between them, Asha decides to get wasted with Kelly and they persuade a reluctant Simon to sell them some pills. Kelly has a bad reaction after taking one and has to go to hospital. Later, when confronted by Dev, Nina denies all knowledge of the drug-taking.

Elsewhere, Steve apologises to Peter. Abi lays down the law to Kevin that it’s a no to Debbie’s wedding venue.

Coronation Street, ITV, 7.30pm

Charles leads himself and Harriet in a prayer for Richard, the man being exhumed. Harriet is restless, wanting to be left alone. When one of the foremen is startled by something unusual at the digging site, Harriet freezes with fear.

Meanwhile, Jamie threatens to move out of Home Farm. Kim calls his bluff, pointing out he’d have nothing without her and telling him to step up or step aside.

Jamie quietly assents, but is he going to live under Kim’s rules like this forever?

Emmerdale, ITV, 7pm

Ste is disappointed to find half-dressed Ollie in James’ flat and assumes they’ve slept together. Later, Ollie begs his dad for help, but Ollie’s recent actions have crossed a line for Luke, and he asks for Ollie’s house key back.

Meanwhile, Verity is trying to push the New York job to the back of her mind, but Scott urges her not to give up on her dream for a fictional family with Sami. Later, Scott poses as her executive assistant and accepts the job on her behalf. How will Verity react when she finds out?

Elsewhere, Romeo is concerned about Cher’s increasing jealousy; Maxine asks Trish to let her be her assistant dance instructor at the dance school.

Hollyoaks, Channel 4, 6.30pm

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