Tips to keep the kitchen tidy

Tips for decluttering your kitchen.

Stelrad – inspired by a new lifestyle series Stacey Solomon is doing for the BBC – have created a list of 6 easy and effective ways to organise your kitchen…

Crisp organiser –

How many times have you gone to get a bag of crisps out of the packet but it’s empty and no one has placed the packet in the bin? With the tension rod trick that will be a memory of the past. Simply place a tension rod between the two sides of your kitchen cupboard. With curtain ring clips click on all of your favourite crisps and snacks and then simply slide them onto the tension rod. This then allows you to see what snacks you have and easy access to them!

Labelling –

A simple but effective organisation method for your fridge is for you to have boxes and trays of each different food group and label each box with what’s the content. For example, have a box for all salad, then one for vegetables, meats, dairy and so on. This then allows you to be able scan your fridge and find what you’re looking for quickly. It’s also a great way of preventing cross-contamination.

Lazy susans –

Lazy susans are available online and in most UK supermarkets simply place one in your cupboard and fill with your tinned foods facing the labels at the front – this then allows you to spin the lazy susan and see exactly what tins you have.

Glass holders –

Available on Amazon for less than £10.00 are wine glass racks which you either drill into the top of your cupboards or slide onto the shelf. It helps keep wine glasses clean and organised and prevents little ones from reaching up for them and doing themselves a mischief.

Baskets and Jars-

A great hack for keeping your kitchen cupboards tidy is investing in baskets and jars, which  are available online and in most bargain based shops. Using these to store food in helps keeps the cupboards looking uniform. There are also space-saving benefits as well as it being easier to find things if the jars and baskets are clearly labelled.

Drawer peg board –

One of the cupboards that is most difficult to organise and keep tidy is the oven tray/dishes. However, using a peg board laying flat on the bottom of the cupboard/drawer, use the pegs that are sticking upwards to lean your trays up against. Arrange in order of size and it is easy to grab which one you’re looking for.

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