This week fans of the Shieldinch drama will be pleased the show returns to its hour-long format.

Maggie’s powerful flashbacks reveal the identity of Joe’s murderer; Cameron plays mind games with his brother Dylan; and while the debt drives Stevie to desperation, Rory’s stunned to discover there’s a new lodger at the Murdoch’s.

Maggie’s unsettled by shocking flashbacks from the fateful night of Joe’s murder but is unable to put the pieces together. Convinced her memories cast a shadow of guilt over Nicole, Maggie decides to confide in Eve and conceal the events from Caitlin.

Eve suggests stress might be a factor and therapy could help her unlock these repressed memories. However, Eve’s advice comes with a note of caution – she might unearth more than she bargained for.

Back at The Tall Ship, Maggie confronts Nicole and is stunned when the flashbacks become more vivid, revealing the identity of Joe’s murderer.

Elsewhere, Cameron plays master manipulator with Dylan, planting the seed of doubt in Dylan’s mind about their mother, Eve. Suggesting she never really wanted either of them, Cameron twists their shared memories to portray Eve as controlling and unloving.

Scarlett is humiliated when the debt collectors empty her home, as Stevie watches on helplessly. Angry at her son, Scarlett tells Stevie he needs to get their belongings back.

With his options running out, a desperate Stevie attempts to blackmail Tyler – but it backfires and he quickly finds himself down on his luck and out of work.

Rory arrives home and is stunned to see that Paul has moved into the Murdochs’ place. Paul is flippant about moving in, but still hopes his grand gesture of donating a kidney will impress a sceptical Rory.

River City, BBC Scotland, Monday April 5th, 10pm

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