Alex Salmond talks Alba

Former First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond spoke to today’s Good Morning Britain of whether he could work with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon as he launches a new pro-independence party, Alba. 

“We’re trying to build an independent supermajority in the parliament, basically because we think Boris Johnson will say no to a single Party, the SNP, he’ll find it much more difficult to say no to an entire parliament speaking for a nation.

“Therefore, that supermajority in the Scots parliament, which we’re in touching distance of getting according to the weekend polls, is the way to go forward to take Scotland to independence.”

Speaking on the launch of Alba he spoke to ITV’s Kate Garraway and Adil Ray and when asked whether he could work with Nicola Sturgeon he said: “Independence for Scotland is a bigger cause than personalities. A lot of personal things are said in the campaign. I want to go national.

“I want to talk about the future of Scotland and that seems to be catching a light among the voters. After 10 days this party is now registering parliamentary representation according to the polls and it looks like, according to these same polls, that 80/129 seats in the Scottish parliament can be won by pro-independence parties if people vote Alba on the list.”

“…now for the next month I’m going to talk about the future of Scotland. Because, believe me Kate, that is what people in Scotland want to hear.”

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