Your Pick of the Plots for Thursday, April 8.

Zack ignores Sharon’s requests for him to leave and insists on buying her breakfast, however an ulterior motive soon becomes clear when he surreptitiously takes her keys. Sharon later catches Zack looking for something in her bedroom – Gavin left them something in his will. They bond as they swap stories and Sharon asks Zack to stay but she’s gutted when he leaves anyway.

Meanwhile, Kush visits Ruby about Arthur but she knows he has only plucked up the courage to speak to her because Martin is out. Kush hits back that he’s happy to tell Martin all her secrets but Ruby calls his bluff. Martin later challenges Kush who backs down, much to Whitney’s dismay.

Elsewhere, Kat is thrilled when she overhears Phil booking a romantic holiday, but has she got her facts right? Whitney sees Kat looking happy and tears a strip off her about what Kush is facing.

Also, Bailey insists that Banjo is returned to his rightful owner. Bernie goes with her to meet Molly in the hope there’s a reward which will cover Bailey’s place at science camp.

EastEnders, 7.35pm, BBC One

Faith is taking over and Tracy feels she has lost control in her own home. Could it spell the end of Faith’s residency with Tracy and Nate? Pollard is caught in the crossfire when Brenda and Faith clash.

Meanwhile, Wendy makes an admission to Bob.

Elsewhere, Charles arranges another date.

Emmerdale, ITV, 7pm 

Cleo is shocked to discover the lengths Toby went to while protecting her from Pete.

Meanwhile, Liberty fears Sienna has become obsessed with Summer. Later, we see her fears are true as Sienna is secretly plotting to win Brody back.

Elsewhere, Cindy worries that Luke’s dementia is getting worse and she urges him to speak to a consultant. Shaq can see that Sami still has feelings for Verity, and comes up with a plan to help.

Hollyoaks, Channel 4, 6.30pm

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