Your Pick of the Plots for Monday, April 12.

Phil tries to win over Kat by giving Kush a pep talk about prison – but will it have the desired effect? Kush is feeling emotional and calls Martin wondering if he’ll be his best man… next week!

Meanwhile, Isaac is preoccupied researching medical trials and tells a hurt Lola that he is meeting his community support nurse later so can’t see her. During his meet with Rafe, Isaac fills him in on his love life and explains his fears about Patrick.

Elsewhere, the Taylors remember Chantelle on her birthday. Tiffany and Keegan can’t believe their eyes when Gray turns up at the club hammered. At the same time, Karen’s boss is eager to speak to her but she keeps putting it off, however Bernie notes that it sounds like a date.

EastEnders, BBC One, 8.10pm

Nick calls at the flat to find Leanne and Simon about to leave. Nick reveals that Toyah’s told him everything, he still loves her and together they can sort things out. But a tearful Leanne insists it’s too late. A tearful Leanne confides in Toyah how she had to say a painful goodbye to Nick.

Meanwhile, Daniel accompanies Peter to his hospital appointment. The consultant reveals that Peter’s liver hasn’t improved and he needs a transplant. Later, Peter breaks the news to Carla that his last hope is a liver transplant, but nothing will stand in the way of their wedding.

Elsewhere, Steve asks Dev to stop stealing the Kabin’s business. Todd cajoles Eileen into inviting George round for supper.

Coronation Street, ITV, 7.30pm and 8.30pm

Faith starts to make the best of all her opportunities. Could she turn things around?

Meanwhile, Gabby is concerned for Kim.

Elsewhere, Charles is confused by some upcoming funeral arrangements – it’s not the norm.

Emmerdale, ITV, 7pm

Sly Sienna is back to her old tricks when she spikes Summer’s drink, making her pass out and giving Sienna time alone with Brody. Sienna has no idea who she is messing with and it looks like she has met her match.

Meanwhile, unlikely duo James and Shaq team up to trick Sami into admitting his true feelings for Verity before it’s too late, but will he have a change of heart?

Elsewhere, Felix faces Martine’s wrath after she overhears him asking Celeste for a favour, which would involve her in the dodgy business deal. Celeste sees the passion in Martine’s eyes when she’s shouting at Felix, and believes that Martine is still in love with him.

Also, Imran is worried that he and Brooke are drifting apart and he doesn’t fit in with her new style.

Hollyoaks, Channel 4, 6.30pm

Kush is planning a surprise wedding for Whitney, but his mood is brought down by Gray reminding him that he could be put away for a long time. Kush heads to the Mitchells to tell them he’s out of the deal.

At the same time, Kat lets it slip to Whitney about the deal and when Kush later reveals all about the wedding to her, Whitney can’t help but let him know she strongly disapproves. Devastated, Kush runs.

Meanwhile, Shirley returns home, unsuccessful in her mission to find Tina and she’s determined to make Phil pay. Frankie gets a letter and throws it away but Mick later finds it in the bin – it’s a birthday card from Katy. Mick apologises that he forgot her birthday, insisting they will celebrate tomorrow.

Also, Karen runs into Apostolos who tells her he has a proposition for her but Karen takes it the wrong way. Karen later meets up with Apostolos at Walford East but before he has a chance to explain, Karen tell him what she thinks.

EastEnders, BBC One, 8.35pm

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