Essential tips for a post-lockdown party

As we find ourselves at the beginning of the long roadmap to normality, many of us will begin to plan our post-lockdown get-togethers for when restrictions ease and it’s allowed.

Post-lockdown parties will still have to adhere to some written (and unwritten) rules however, as though the pressure may be somewhat off with a vaccine, the threat of spreading is still there.

We asked Cheshire Inflatables for a few essential tips for a post lockdown party.

Make it open

You don’t want to be cramming guests into a small area for two reasons. One is that this will reassure them that they’re not accidentally intruding on each other’s space and two because everyone will undoubtedly be sick of being surrounded by four walls.

Expand your party to include both in and outdoor areas so people can freely move around and feel comfortable. This will also make the event as accessible as possible, even to those who are extremely conscious of being around others again.

In the 90s it was all round to Noel’s place for a House Party.

Have different environments

Some people will take better to the reintroduction into social settings than others, so ensure that you have relaxed environments as well as intense ones so that people can escape the bustle if they need to.

Having an area such as an inflatable pub in the garden where people can enjoy a pleasant, laid-back atmosphere will help them enjoy themselves.

Let go of the pressure

Every post-lockdown party is going to come with some pressure – this is kind of natural after a global pandemic. But as with all parties, let go of the stress that comes with this pressure and just allow your guests to fall back in love with socialising again.

You can be as creative as you want and inspire your guests for their own events in the future – but remember that a party is made of its guests, so allow them to naturally drive the atmosphere and enjoyment.

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