This week in Pobol y Cwm and Rownd a Rownd from S4C.

As Izzy reveals exactly how she spent her mother’s money, a painful memory from the past comes back to haunt her.

Iolo’s determined to go ahead with arranging his funeral despite how painful this is for those closest to him. As Tyler and Sion struggle with his behaviour, they must respect Iolo’s wishes if they want to remain a part of his life.

The time has come for Izzy and Gaynor to confront an incident from their past that has derailed their relationship. Mark is determined to uncover Brynmor’s dirty secrets.

Pobol y Cwm, S4C, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 8 pm. Omnibus on Sunday with on-screen English subtitles.

Dani is having a little difficulty trying to sort out her new estate and Barry comes to her rescue and it seems that both have forgotten any past disagreements.

Caitlin (pictured below) and Sian are also becoming friendlier and the youngster finally agrees to meet up with the appropriate authorities to ask for help.

Mathew’s dependence on painkillers pushes him to ask Vince for some help and when Iolo hears about Mathew’s extreme behaviour he decides to confront him, but Mathew isn’t willing to admit the truth to Iolo – or himself.

Rownd a Rownd S4C, Thursday 22 April 8.25 pm. Omnibus on Sunday, with on-screen English subtitles 

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