Your Pick of the Plots for Friday, April 16.

Kush takes drastic action.

Meanwhile, Dotty and Tiffany eye a group of blokes and Dotty tells Tiff to work her magic but before she does, Tiffany overhears two girls talking, they have found Keegan online and have some nasty things to say about Tiffany.

Confidence shattered, Tiff falters and can’t bring herself to approach the group but instead she sets her sights on a solo drinker at the bar. unbeknownst to them, Greg watches on from the shadows. Once at home, Tiffany gasps when she sees Greg standing in the hallway demanding his money back.

Elsewhere, Lola asks Isaac why he took Patrick’s phone.

EastEnders, BBC One, 8.30pm

Noting how unwell Peter is, Daniel suggests that he postpone the wedding, but Peter won’t hear of it. A radiant Carla appears in the café in her wedding dress and asks Roy if he’d do her the honour of giving her away. Later, Peter struggles whilst he recites his vows and Carla urges the registrar to hurry along proceedings. Will Peter and Carla manage to become man and wife?

Meanwhile, Craig’s colleague Jess congratulates Craig on his new CID attachment but warns him that he must disclose to his superiors that his girlfriend [Faye] has a criminal record or he could land himself in trouble. Later, Craig calls at No.4 and breaks the news that Ray has pleaded not guilty to attempted rape.

Elsewhere, Brian intends to report Cathy’s disappearance to the police, forcing Elaine to tell him the truth. Tyrone and Fiz attend a relationship counselling session with Toyah, however Tyrone later calls Alina in secet.

Coronation Street, ITV, 7.30pm

Meena surprises Ethan.

Meanwhile, Manpreet berates Meena.

Elsewhere, Tracy is snappy with Nate.

Emmerdale, ITV, 7pm

After hearing about what happened at the hospital yesterday, Celeste gives Peri a piece of her mind. Peri is initially shocked, but after talking it over with Misbah, she realises where she went wrong and goes to find Martine in hopes of convincing her to go to her rescheduled appointment.

Meanwhile, Ste is struggling to pay the bills and James is far from helpful when he offers him a workplace pension. Later, he takes drastic action to get his hands on some cash.

Elsewhere, John Paul feels uneasy when George has a proposition for him and, in a surprising turn of events, Summer goes out of her way to help Sienna.

Hollyoaks, Channel 4, 6.30pm

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