Who is Caitlin in Rownd a Rownd? Let’s find out more…

The mystery of Rownd a Rownd’s new character.

A new face has recently arrived in Glanrafon, the fictional location of soap opera Rownd a Rownd. Yes, there is a bit of a mystery about Caitlin; no one is sure of her history.

One or two have noticed her searching the village bins, and Sian tries her best to help the homeless girl, but Caitlin is reluctant to accept it.

Manw Robin, aged 17, a sixth form pupil at Ysgol Tryfan, Bangor plays Caitlin. Manw is a familiar face to S4C viewers, as she represented Wales in the Junior Eurovision competition in 2018. This is, however, her first role as an actress in front of the camera.

So here SoapWorld takes a catch-up with the actress from Rhostryfan, near Caernarfon.

What sort of character is Caitlin?

She is quite a complicated person, independent and bold. She stands on her own two feet and she is very mysterious. She is homeless and nobody knows why she is in that situation.

Have you had much experience of acting?

I have been acting ever since I was really young, and am familiar with acting on the stage. I was a member of the cast of the Urdd Youth Theatre’s Les Mis in 2015 when I was 11.

I have also been competing in the National and Urdd Eisteddfods since I was in primary school, and have had a lot of amazing experience acting with the Glanaethwy performing school. I have also done cartoon voiceovers for programmes including Patrol Pawenau.

The experience of acting in front of the camera is completely different. I find it easier than stage work, because the bits you have to learn are shorter. But I’ve found the process of getting into character for television a little more intense. I have had such a warm welcome from the cast and crew.

How do you manage to keep the balance between acting and your school work?

I study English Literature, Music and Drama for A Level, and I enjoy school, but I love performing so much. It has been fine, in terms of balance, and the Rownd a Rownd team are great at working round us, to be honest. My dream for the future is to go to drama college – one of the big ones in London. I’ll have to see what happens. I would like to have as many experiences as possible.

Rownd a Rownd, S4C, Thursday at 8.25 pm

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