Your Pick of the Plots for Monday, May 17.

Denise is convinced that Amy is up to something and decides to keep a watchful eye on her. Amy leads Denise to the allotments where Bailey is hiding out in one of the sheds.

There is relief all round as Bailey is reunited with her family who are quick to reassure her their financial situation isn’t as bad as it seems. Bernie, however, is in for a shock when she goes to see Rainie about the surrogacy only to be turned down.

Meanwhile, Mick is writing his victim impact statement when Nancy turns up. Nancy makes out that she is enjoying living with Sharon however she drops the act when she realises that her mum is not there Later, Nancy encourages Mick to finish his statement and read it in court himself. He’s spurred on by her words, unaware that Katy is loitering outside of The Vic.

Elsewhere, Sharon admonishes Zack about bringing girls back to the flat. Martin is not impressed to see Zack trying to flirt with his wife. Sonia overhears Dotty badmouthing her to Tiffany.

EastEnders, BBC One, 8.05pm

Jenny accompanies Ronnie to pick up Ed’s campervan. The chemistry between them is evident, but will either of them choose to do something about it? Later, Jenny tries to get Ed and Ronnie to settle their differences over a drink in the Rovers. Both Jenny and Ed are shocked when Kat arrives and reveals that she is Ronnie’s wife.

Meanwhile, Gail takes one of Natasha’s bracelets off Sam, keeping it safe in her purse, but when Natasha sees it there, she assumes Gail has stolen it. Upset, Sam sets the record straight. Later, David accepts Natasha’s offer to lend them the money to fix the sink hole.

Elsewhere, Asha confides in Aadi that she’s only pretending to take Corey’s side to get the truth. Sharon forms a plan and invites Dev to share a bottle of wine with her.

Coronation Street, ITV, 7.30pm and 8.30pm

Full of guilt, Liv can’t stop drinking. Aaron pleads with her to reach out to Vinny and talk to him again, but she won’t. With no booze at home, Liv tries the pub. She hooks up with a sleazy stranger Max and takes him back home to Mill.

Meanwhile, Gabby tentatively presents Kim with the missing notebook and a woozy Kim heads back to bed. Gabby is alarmed that Noah had been watching their conversation.

Elsewhere, Ethan catches up with Charles and tells him he’s going to put the search for his mum behind him and start living life.

Also, Victoria talks to Ben and learns he’s not as over Aaron as he claims to be.

Emmerdale, ITV, 7pm

After new evidence in George’s murder case puts John Paul in a compromising position, his lawyer James tells him there is only one way to secure a lesser sentence – to plead guilty. Later, James has a shocking announcement for the McQueen family.

Theresa is certain she has found out who the mystery witness is that puts John Paul at the crime scene, and it’s a lie. The McQueens celebrate a small victory in the case, but how are they going to prove that the witness is lying?

Meanwhile, Martine lies to her family about not hearing from the hospital, as Celeste discovers that she has an appointment with the oncologist today. Later, Martine has a shocking announcement.

Elsewhere, Juliet and Peri take the next big step in their relationship as Juliet moves into Peri’s room at the Lomax’s.

Hollyoaks, Channel 4, 6.30pm

It is Valerie’s first day of full training as HCA with Luca, but what can possibly go wrong?

Valerie tells Karen about her date tonight with Nathan. Later, after Valerie has changed for the date, a patient vomits over her. Luca and Karen sort of her out with a change of clothes.

Meeting Nathan, they are both nervous. However, the awkwardness soon subsides and Valerie tells him about the apple stall tomorrow. After they agree they’ve had a great time, Nathan offers to come home to help her bake her apples….

Doctors, BBC One, 1.45pm

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