This week in River City Stevie has a strange dream

Stevie is rushed to hospital following his overdose and is fighting for his life. Confused and in pain, Stevie wakes up in an eerie and deserted Montego Street – but it’s all is not as it seems in Shieldinch.

As a shadowy figure catches Stevie’s eye, he hears the soft beep of a life support machine. Passing his mother’s shop, Stevie is horrified to see messages of condolence… about him. Suddenly, he comes face to face with his mysterious onlooker – Gabriel Brodie. Back from the dead, Gabriel tells a stunned Stevie he’s his guardian angel, sent by Molly to save her grandson.

Freaked out, Stevie struggles to accept he’s in limbo. Gabriel bluntly challenges Stevie’s attempt to end his life and he slowly begins to open up. Realising the dark hole Stevie has found himself in, Gabriel shows him all the positives in his life, urging him to survive.

At the hospital, a frantic Scarlett turns to Sonny, who tries to keep her calm, optimistic her son will be saved. Assuming Tyler pushed Stevie too far, Scarlett’s emotions quickly flip from anger to guilt, convinced she missed the signs and should have done more.

Angus offers much-needed support to Bob, who is devastated that his brother took such drastic measures. Bernie is also guilt-ridden, fearing she’s been too hard on her nephew lately. However, Angus admits he knows all too well how difficult men find it to talk about their emotions.

River City, BBC Scotland Channel Monday, 24th May, 10 pm. Repeated later in the week on BBC One Scotland.

In this unique episode, River City shines a light on mental health awareness and male suicide prevention. This storyline is part of the BBC’s Headroom campaign on TV, Radio and Online which recognises the impact the pandemic is having on everyone’s mental health.

Headroom offers an online toolkit for the mind to help people look after themselves, with practical everyday tips, inspiring personal stories, activities and music mixes to boost your mood, escape and relax.

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