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Doctors – Enthusiasm is rather low at The Mill


Doctors – Enthusiasm is rather low at The Mill

Telly Today: May 27th, Doctors.

Valerie tries to get everyone excited for her team appreciation gift exchange, but the level of enthusiasm seems rather low at the Mill. Ruhma talks to Sid about Lewis’ wake, which he isn’t planning on attending. She convinces him to go, but he asks her to come with him for support. At the wake, Lewis’ mum Cynthia thanks Sid for coming, telling him how much it means to her. They toast to Lewis.

Meanwhile, at the Mill, the gift exchange is in full swing, but not everybody has tried their best. Valerie’s disappointed with the lack of team spirit in the staff, but is moved to tears when she opens her own present: a bucket list of things to do before dying. Inspired by the gift, and under the influence of quite a bit of alcohol, she calls Nathan their conversation is heated.

On his way to work, Jimmi bumps into Layla Roberts, a vegan activist who is collecting donations for Earth Warriors. Her ex-boyfriend Tom Ashwood tries to talk to her about their break-up, but Layla urges him to go see Jimmi as he looks unwell.

Tom tells Jimmi that Layla broke up with him because she caught him eating a bacon sandwich, and he’s not been taking good care of himself ever since. Jimmi feels there’s more to it, but Tom keeps shtum. When he catches Tom drinking again, he urges Tom to tell him what’s really going on?

Doctors, BBC One, 1.45 pm

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