Showbiz 10: May 29 2021

Vivian Summers picks her top ten showbiz stories from the past week from around the web.

Kind Price

We know she gets a lot of bad press, but sometimes Katie Price shines like a beacon of humanity. This week The Mirror reported that ‘Katie Price has indicated that she would like to have a sixth child and first with fiance Carl Woods and has now expressed her feelings about a girl going into care.’

‘Katie Price has indicated that she “would love” to adopt a two-year-old girl who could be brought up in permanent care.’ The tabloid noted, adding, ‘The 42-year-old reality star shared the plight of Olivia, who has a cleft lip along with other complex health requirements, and said that she would try to help out.’

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The Daily Mail told us about ‘TikTok star Addison Rae’ who they reported had been targeted by trolls following a glam photoshoot.

‘The 20-year-old, discussed how she copes with cruel comments, explaining that she doesn’t go online daily and has set up ‘boundaries’ to maintain her own space.’ Speaking to the newspaper Rae said “I do experience a lot of body shaming, and some say I don’t deserve my success… So, I have to regularly remind myself to be myself, no matter what, and that I’m unique and healthiest by being me.”

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Goosed Off

British actor Anton Rice, has departed the company of the musical Tomorrow May Be My Last at the Goose Theatre following an alleged racist remark, reported Black History Month Organisation online. They reported ‘Anton decided to leave the production this week after being upset by a racist remark made by the star of the production Collette Cooper.’

The article went on to note ‘he states that Cooper who is also the writer, co-director, and producer of the show, said while we were talking about the floor of the theatre, ‘“the floor is so dirty, my feet are as black as Anton’s”’

In a statement to BHMO Collette Cooper said;

“I am sorry that I caused offense to Anton. I realise that my flippant comment could be interpreted in a way that was totally unintentional at the time. I feel as if I did apologise, and that any conversations that we had beyond this apology were attempts by me to demonstrate to Anton that the sentiment of my comment was not in any way intended to relate to race in a derogatory manner – these explanations were supposed to set this unfortunate faux-pas in context. On reflection, I can see exactly how this could easily be misconstrued.”

She went on to add that prior to the incident there had been several ‘creative differences’. The incident had nothing to do with the hosting theatre the article also observes with the production being independent of the venue.

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Up above the streets and houses

The Sun reported how ‘Rainbow’s Freddy Marks’ wife whispered ‘I love you’ as he died of cancer just hours before fifth wedding anniversary’.

Jane Tucker revealed her touching final words after the Brit musician’s death at the age of 71. Freddy was best known as part of the Rod, Jane and Freddy trio on Thames Television’s children’s series Rainbow from 1980 to 1988. The series had begun several years earlier, but RJF became the best-known and loved, music performers on the show with Rod Burton completing the line-up. Freddy filled a gap in the group when Matthew Corbett, of Sooty fame, departed the band.

This week the news also reached us of the death of David Moran, best known as Kevin Banks in Crossroads. David, who died suddenly, but peacefully in April was part of UK soap’s groundbreaking ‘test tube baby’ storyline in the midland saga in 1983 when his character of Kevin and on-screen wife Glenda (Lynette McMorrough) struggled to conceive. Test tube baby Katie-Louise was born in 1984.

Also, Graham Rigby, who had eight different roles in Coronation Street between 1961 and 1995 passed away last month aged 94. He had also appeared in Emmerdale Farm, Doctor Who, Compact, The Newcomers and Crossroads to name a few.

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Not Holmes and Dry

Eamonn Holmes spoke of how ‘he’s ‘still crutch dependent’ in an update on his painful health battle’ The Express newspaper reported.

‘Holmes, 61, has given fans an update on his health after his debilitating battle with chronic pain. The star, who is married to co-host Ruth Langsford… spoke in a video to his social media followers.’

“I’ve lost nerves in my right leg and there’s certain actions I can’t do, so even the most simple thing is hard, but it’s getting better.”

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What a Banker

Rylan Clark-Neal is now worth £1.3m after raking in £350,000 during the past year, The Sun reported.

The paper has had a rummage and notes ‘new unaudited accounts on Companies House show his private firm Rylan Limited has increased its net worth by £348,890 to £1,388,988.’

They went on to state ‘Last summer we [The Sun] reported that Rylan’s earnings doubled on the previous year as he became one of the most popular presenters on telly.’

Rylan is a regular face on TV, hosting series including a revival of Supermarket Sweep.

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What a Gay Day

Channel 4’s Steph McGovern took to task a ‘far right activist’ who had made a claim that gay people are ‘unhappy’.

The Express reported ‘Irish far-right activist Gemma O’Doherty had never met a happy gay person’. In a video, shared by McGovern to mock it, O’Doherty said “I just don’t [get it]. It’s a miserable lifestyle, it’s a promiscuous lifestyle. It’s a dark lifestyle,”

The paper noted how Steph sarcastically quipped back, “I can so relate to this… I mean look at my unhappy life with my amazing partner, our gorgeous daughter, our cracking friends, our wonderful family and our brilliant jobs…. Awful life Gemma. Awful.”

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Barefaced backstroke

Dame Judi Dench admitted, in The Express, ‘that despite feeling completely comfortable with nudity on screen, she still gets nervous in case she gets caught out swimming naked in her family’s pool.’

The paper adds, ‘The 86-year-old opened up on how she enjoys taking a naked dip in her family’s swimming pool. …she likes to strip off and do lengths in the pool, but only when nobody is around, as she does not want to get “caught” at it.’

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Little Old Wine Drinker Me

The Mirror stated this week that ‘Piers Morgan spends £800 on wine over boozy lunch’ adding ‘Morgan splashed the cash in Scotland when he dropped a whopping £800 on two bottles of plonk ahead of a game of golf.’

The 56-year-old famously quit Good Morning Britain in March after refusing to apologise for comments he made about Meghan Markle However his departure from early mornings has enabled him to enjoy the high life, with his lavish break in Fife.

He told his social media followers “Not the best preparation for closing day in my Scotland golf battle – but what’s the point of living life if it’s not la dolce vita?

“And trust me, vita doesn’t get much more dolce than guzzling these two beauties… fabulous dinner at Little Italy in St Andrew’s , thanks to Dino and his wonderful staff for a memorable meal.”

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Jab death for Beeb broadcaster?

‘A coroner will consider if the cause of BBC presenter Lisa Shaw’s death might have been complicated by her having had the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine.’ BBC News reported.

They added ‘Her family said the 44-year-old was treated for blood clots days after her first jab.’ Lisa, who had been a popular radio personality for the past two decades, passed away on Friday 21st May a week after getting the jab. She was treated for blood clots at Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary prior to her death.

A family statement read:

“Lisa developed severe headaches a week after receiving her AstraZeneca vaccine and fell seriously ill a few days later. She was treated by the RVI’s intensive care team for blood clots and bleeding in her head.

“Tragically she passed away, surrounded by her family, on Friday afternoon. We are devastated and there is a Lisa-shaped hole in our lives that can never be filled. We will love and miss her always.

“It’s been a huge comfort to see how loved she was by everyone whose lives she touched, and we ask for privacy at this time to allow us to grieve as a family.”

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