Channel 5 look into the horrid world of Fred and Rose West in two part series

Telly Today highlights for Tuesday, June 8th.

Channel 5

The crimes of Fred and Rose West are dominating the headlines again, as police start to dig up the grounds of the Clean Plate Cafe in Gloucester. New evidence suggests the body of Mary Bastholm may be buried there. And that she may be the latest and 13th victim of the Wests’ reign of terror to be found.

For years, rumours circulated that 15-year old Mary Bastholm may have been murdered by Fred West, and her body buried. The cafe has long been cited as a possible place where her remains lay. Up to now, police have failed to solve this mystery, and the questions remain.

Uncovering the story of Mary, and telling the detailed stories of 12 other young women known to have been murdered by Fred and Rose West, this definitive and methodical two-part series shot over the past year will explain how and why these women were killed, and follow events as the current operation continues in Gloucester.

Featuring exclusive witness testimony from those closest to the victims, who haven’t spoken before, and rarely seen archive, this definitive documentary series will reveal the true horror of what took place behind closed doors at 25 Cromwell Street and other addresses in Gloucester over many years. As police continue their latest search, the films reveal how the Wests’ killing spree went
undiscovered for years, as apparently, normal life continued at 25 Cromwell Street. And for the first time, the programme makes the links between all the young women who met their deaths in
such terrible circumstances.

Unearthed home videos expose the veneer of a happy family that disguised the house of horror’s murderous secrets. Police recordings, and new interviews with lawyers and police who worked on the case, reveal the mindset and horrific methods of a killer who continued to crave control and protect a murderous wife – who would ultimately be the only one to face justice for the killings.

As victim after victim is uncovered by investigators, we hear their stories: families, surviving victims and key witnesses come forward to reveal the real people behind the grisly headlines, and details of the lives that were tragically cut short. Told by those who lived it, many speaking for the first time, this is the detailed, untold story of how Fred and Rose West became Britain’s most notorious killer couple.

But more, it is the story of their victims, and raises new questions about how many more lives may have been lost to this murderous partnership. And, the series asks, will the search for more victims ever actually end, regardless of the outcome of the current search at the Clean Plate Cafe? As the excavations continue in Gloucester, Channel 5 track the progress of the latest police activity and assess whether Mary Bastholm’s loved ones and those of other long suspected victims will ever get their chance of closure.

Fred and Rose West: The Search for the Victims, Channel 5, 9 pm

Sky Atlantic

Jackie uncovers one of Decourcy’s informants and hatches a plan to use him as a pawn to discredit the assistant district attorney.

Decourcy stops by the Rohr house, hoping to get something out of Jenny that he can use against her husband. Siobhan receives some welcome news, in the midst of plotting her run for City Council. And her client, Kelvin Campbell, is released from custody, though he can’t free himself of what happened on Valentine’s Day.

Jimmy Ryan, meanwhile, faces problems far worse than a guilty conscience.

City on a Hill, Sky Atlantic, 9 pm
(Season 2, episode 3)


It’s the last in the series for Ainsley Harriott.

Ainsley is pushing the boundaries with a visit to Jordan, a country in the region of the eastern Mediterranean. Ainsley begins his culinary exploration in the capital city of Amman at a bustling fruit and veg market to buy produce for his first recipe, chargrilled sumac lamb cutlets with a herby tabbouleh, which he makes in his stunning outdoor kitchen overlooking the city.

There’s a visit to the remarkable Petra, where Ainsley learns the history of the Bedouin people and discovers the astonishing Treasury building. Then in his al fresco kitchen, chicken shawarma with tahini sauce is on the menu.

Ainsley’s Mediterranean Cookbook, ITV, 7.30 pm

Channel 4

A brand-new season starts as 999: What’s Your Emergency? returns to the front line to examine the role the police play in these testing times. This first episode, filmed with South Yorkshire Police, reveals what happens when people decide to take revenge on each other. Across the UK, neighbourhood feuds are all too common and some disputes descend into violence. South Yorkshire police receive 800 calls a day from people taking the law into their own hands.

On a Saturday night in Sheffield, police respond when a man reports that he’s being attacked by his partner after she came home and found him with a prostitute. A woman is under siege from a neighbour who claims he is sorting out neighbourhood problems by smashing cars with a hammer. On the outskirts of Doncaster, there’s a brawl outside a supermarket as three men attack someone who they suspect of causing their family harm.

999: What’s Your Emergency?: REVENGE, Channel 4, 9 pm

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