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Meena turns to murder in Emmerdale


Meena turns to murder in Emmerdale

The everyday story of a Yorkshire village is taking a dark turn.

“Meena has been a whirlwind since arriving in the village, scheming and manipulating people and situations to get what she wants and causing nothing but drama and unnecessary heartache in the process. Her seemingly caring facade belies her true persona; a woman with a murky past and no conscience. Meena’s lack of empathy is often perceived by those around her as little more than spoilt petulance, however, we soon learn the true extent of her narcissistic and amoral character.

“Malevolent Meena will wreak havoc in the village and once she has you in her sights, no one is safe from her devious and dangerous machinations. This storyline will see the viewers gripped as they realise that this is a woman who is capable of anything and everything.” – Emmerdale Producer, Kate Brooks

Families are torn apart and lives are changed forever when a character is murdered in Emmerdale next week. Viewers will be left on the edge of their seats as they witness calculating Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu) take her first victim in the village.

Lacking in empathy, dominated by her own ego, but otherwise normal to those around her, Meena is a manipulative character, hellbent on getting what she wants and woe betide anyone who stands in her way.

In recent weeks, viewers have seen her behaviour become increasingly erratic, but what finally pushes her over the edge and who will meet a harrowing end?  The audience can get a glimpse of what’s to come in a new promo that will air on ITV today.

“It’s great to play a character that is on a completely different wavelength to everyone else, who always has a hidden agenda and will do anything to get what she wants. Her lack of empathy and her playfulness make her a very exciting character. She’s the strangest character I’ve played for sure, but also the most fun.” – Paige Sandhu

Emmerdale airs on ITV, UTV and STV. Times vary due to Euro 2020. See local listings for details.

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