In the final River City of the summer Cameron is unhinged and Jac is shocked

In the last in the current series of River City…

While an unhinged Cameron holds Dylan captive, Eve is frantically trying to track her sons down. When she receives a call from Cameron asking to meet him alone, she finds herself opening up to Alex.

She arrives at the hideout and rushes to Dylan’s aid, but Cameron is stalking her. Eve tries to talk Cameron around, but her efforts are thwarted and his anger grows. Desperate, Eve bargains for Dylan’s safety at her own expense, but Cameron turns nasty. As tensions mount, family loyalties are tested to the limits and the Christies are torn apart. Elsewhere, Rory tells a stunned Amber he knows he truth and plans to leave with Paul. Amber begs for forgiveness, but Rory’s mind is made up. As he prepares to turn his back on the Murdochs once and for all, it falls to Lenny to try and reason with Rory… before it’s too late.

Worried about Stevie’s recovery, Scarlett goes out of her way to keep him in her sight. Stevie feels stifled by her concerns and assures her he’s getting better every day, but it’s going to take time.

Jac is shocked when she’s a victim of vandalism. She confronts Caitlin and Maggie in the Tall Ship and is stunned when Bernie unleashes the truth about her brother.  Desperate for a new start, Jac suggests that she and Lou leave together. However, doubts and shocking confessions prove devastating for the couple.

River City will take a break over the summer, returning to BBC Scotland, BBC One Scotland and BBC iPlayer in August. The final episode airs at 10 pm on BBC Scotland Channel, Monday (June 28) at 10 pm. Repeated later in the week on BBC One Scotland.

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