ScreenHits TV adds Lionsgate content to service

In its latest industry partnership, ScreenHits TV and Lionsgate will bring the latter’s studio premium on-demand film content to the platform via Moviesphere.

“Our collaboration not only builds on the studio’s international rollout initiatives in new markets but clearly demonstrates its strong support for innovative, diverse, female-led media tech companies, Because of its forward-thinking mindset, founders of young startups like myself have a chance to bring new ideas, technology and products to the market with a fair chance at achieving great success. Lionsgate  is setting a great example, paving the way for new talent to become stakeholders in this new evolution of TV.” -Rose Adkins Hulse, Founder & CEO of ScreenHits TV

Among the titles ScreenHits TV users will gain access to via the Lionsgate partnership are the comedy Are you Here?, starring Zach Galifianakis, Owen Wilson and Amy Poehler; crime/thriller The Son of No One, starring Al Pacino and Channing Tatum; Werner Herzog’s Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans starring Nicolas Cage, Eva Mendes and Val Kilmer; romantic drama The Immigrant, starring Marion Cotillard and Joaquin Phoenix; sports comedy drama The Winning Season starring Sam Rockwell, Emma Roberts and Rooney Mara; romantic comedy Playing For Keeps starring Gerard Butler, Jessica Biel, Uma Thurman, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Dennis Quaid; and Nicolas Cage thriller Looking Glass.

Territories covered by the deal currently include the UK, Channel Islands, Gibraltar, Isle of Man and Malta.

ScreenHits TV allows subscribers to integrate and manage many of their favorite premium TV/online streaming subscriptions, AVOD and live channels in both easy-to-use tablet app, desktop versions and soon mobile phones. Consumers can now easily see what is trending; share recommendations with friends and discover content across all their streaming subscriptions.

The new ScreenHits TV app allows subscribers to integrate their existing streaming platforms, such as Amazon Prime, Disney+, StarzPlay, Moviesphere, Kidoodle, Paramount Plus, Britbox, MUBI, ITV Hub and BFI Player, to name a few.

Users will also be able to watch live premium TV channels and thousands of shows and films with discounts offered across a number of subscriptions including Amazon Prime and Paramount+ with cost savings up to 25% per month. Users are also able to share their favourite shows across all platforms with their friends and family and new premium bundles are added regularly.

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