Pick of the Plots: Friday 23rd July

Your Pick of the Plots for Friday, July 23.

It’s the awards for ‘Walford’s Best Street Food’. Tiffany is keen to make a good impression and tells Keegan she is getting a facial.

Later, at the awards do, Tiffany is left mortified when Keegan notes that there is something wrong with her face.

Meanwhile, Mick informs Linda that he told Frankie about the baby and Linda tells him about Nancy and Zack. Later Zack tries to break things off with Nancy, but he can’t find it in him to do so, so suggests keeping their thing a secret.

Elsewhere, Sonia plans to spend some quality time with her dad.

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When Fiz asks Tyrone if he’ll have the girls as she has a second date, he refuses, telling her that he’s taking Alina out for dinner. In the knowledge that Fiz and Phill will be there, Tyrone takes Alina to the bistro for dinner. Tyrone watches Fiz like a hawk and Alina gets annoyed.

Left alone, Tyrone’s bravado turns to embarrassment when his card is declined. In a bid to make peace, Phill pays Tyrone’s bill, but Tyrone doesn’t appreciate this and takes a drunken swing at hill.

Meanwhile, Dev tells Curtis that he wants to pull out of the calendar. Later, Dev brandishes the calendar picture at Curtis and Emma and demands they put a stop to the print run. Whilst Curtis stresses over the calendar, Emma worries for his health.

Elsewhere, Kirk clocks Grace’s devotion to Michael. Laura asks Chris if she would be interested in doing a piece on Kelly.

Coronation Street, ITV, 7.30pm

It all becomes clear regarding Ben.

Apologies are made.

Elsewhere, tearful Nicola tells Rodney her news.

Emmerdale, ITV, 7pm

Scott and Sid realise that they’ve been told two different stories by Trish.

After hearing that Trish sent Leah into the woods, Ste lashes out at Trish for letting her ego get in the way of looking after the children in her care.

Meanwhile, Cher continues to confide in ‘Jade’ about coming second to Mercedes in her dad’s eyes. To get his attention, she plans a surprise party for him, but Sylver doesn’t give Cher the reaction she expected.

Elsewhere, Brooke reacts negatively after being voted prom queen. Sienna doesn’t know what to believe.

Hollyoaks, Channel 4, 6.30pm

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