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Sandi Toksvig takes celebs on another memory challenge


Sandi Toksvig takes celebs on another memory challenge

Best on the Box highlight for Thursday, July 22nd.

Sandi Toksvig hosts the second episode of this memorable series, as five celebrities enter a month-long competition designed to supercharge their memories.

Each week, the celebs must learn hundreds of facts about subjects they previously knew nothing about and face a fiendish quick-fire round. The celebrities are coached in memory techniques by memory grandmasters, with astonishing results.

Sandi then puts the celebrities’ memories on the spot in a rigorous quiz. Across four knockout episodes, the memory challenges get harder as the group is whittled down to just one celebrity, who will be crowned champion by Sandi.

Sandi Toksvig

In this episode, the celebrities learn and perform a speech with word-for-word accuracy and memorise hundreds of facts about a famous person.

Chris Eubank is tasked with William Shakespeare in the form of Hamlet’s To Be, or Not to Be. Len Goodman must memorise Churchill’s We Will Fight on the Beaches speech. Love Island winner Amber Gill is assigned the life and lyrics of Mick Jagger. Naked Attraction presenter Anna Richardson has Jane Austen, and actor Nina Wadia is assigned Martin Luther King. The first contestant is knocked out after a quick-fire observation round leads to a dramatic tie-break.

Can I Improve My Memory, Channel 4, 8 pm

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