Colin discovers the truth about Andrea this week in Pobol y Cwm

This week in the S4C serials…

The police are called when Dani’s family raise serious concern for her and the children’s welfare following their disappearance. As Dani’s family look for her, Ffion is visited by a familiar face who comes bearing bad news.

Colin discovers the truth about Andrea and Mark and regrets interfering. Garry fears the worst while determined to find Dani and the children. Kelly’s fears that Jason is losing interest in her leads to a heated argument that hurts Jason deeply. As Colin and Britt welcome Aaron home, Britt reveals a surprising new direction for him.

With Dani and the children still not found, is Tyler’s life in danger? As Rhys explains his past to Jinx it becomes evident that Ffion has been lying through her teeth.

Pobol y Cwm, S4C, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 8 pm. English and Welsh subtitles. Omnibus on Sundays

Now that she has settled in John and Sian’s house, Caitlin is ready to face the world and her first task is searching for a job. With Mali’s help, she’s sure to find something. Unexpectedly, even her dad arrives to offer some support – or so it seems.

Searching for a new garage is becoming a difficult task for Rhys, and he is almost heartbroken. The only one who seems to be happy is Iestyn, as he continues to deceive Barry and as Mathew becomes more dependent on him.

It’s the day of Mathew’s presentation to the pupils and he is worried what it will be like to relive his recent nightmares…but he should take comfort from the fact that there are a few members of staff there to reassure him. Ken asks Kay to help him out so that he can run an errand… again.

The situation between Carwyn and Iestyn gets worse as Anest understands where Iestyn has got his rent money. A problem arises for Sian when Caitlin refuses to go to the hostel and she – along with John – has to sacrifice in order to try to persuade her.

Rownd a Rownd, S4C, Tuesday and Thursday 8.25 pm. English and Welsh subtitles. Omnibus on Sunday

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