Baking brownies, unfriendly antelopes and crimped hair

Telly Today highlights for August 31st.

Ferne McCann: First Time Mum

Ferne and her daughter Sunday are back on ITVBe, and tonight in the second episode of the series although loving life in a relationship, Ferne feels that she is starting to lose contact with her friends, so she heads to the park with Sophie, swimming with Arg, takes Sunday round to Danielle’s for baby Orla’s 1st birthday and gets Carl and Ellis round for pizza and a chat.

Baking brownies with Sunday pushes Fernes patience, and exhaustion pushes her to question whether she has a thyroid issue and to seek help from a leading doctor. Ferne also starts to question her relationship with Jack, which leads her to experience purging through Kambo frog treatment – that leaves her feeling enlightened and ready to move forward.

ITVBe, 9 pm

The Secret Life of the Zoo

The keepers at Chester Zoo are on a mission to encourage a couple of bongos to mate; but there’s a reason why this pair of Kenyan antelopes aren’t hitting it off.

Frank and Frankie, the zoo’s resident crocodiles, urgently need a blood test: easier said than done with one of the world’s largest and most dangerous reptiles. A family of silver-eared mesias get tossed out of their home in a storm.

And a Malagasy giant rat called George needs urgent surgery on his tummy.

Channel 4, 8 pm

Back to Life

Created by and starring Daisy Haggard and co-written by Haggard and Laura Solon, Back to Life today returns to BBC Three for a second series.

In the first episode, it’s three weeks since viewers last saw her, and six weeks after leaving prison, Miri Matteson is optimistic about her future. Her probation officer, Janice, has got her a trial shift at the supermarket; she and her neighbour Billy have been spending more time together, and she’s found her crimper.

However, Miri’s not talking to her mother Caroline after the revelation that Caroline was having an affair with Miri’s ex-boyfriend Dom, and Miri will need a lot of shifts at the supermarket before she can afford to move out. She’s also avoiding her best friend Mandy, after learning that Mandy’s secret affair with Lara’s father, John Boback, led to Lara’s death all those years ago. Things are about to get a whole lot worse with the arrival in Hythe of Lara’s mother, Norah. Still grieving her daughter, it’s clear her presence will ensure Miri cannot escape her past.

All six episodes are now available on the iPlayer/BBC Three from today.

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