This week in Casualty Iain gets the wrong idea

The latest goings on this week in the wards of Holby City Hospital…

Tonight in Casualty tensions escalates between Tina and Jacob as outsider Iain gets an insight into their issues, and comes to all the wrong conclusions about their relationship believing that she’s being abused rather than the other way round.

Tina isn’t the only Holby regular feeling unhinged at the moment, as also this week as Jade lets Stevie in on an awful secret, the latter is on a revenge quest concerning men and affairs.

Casualty, BBC One, tonight, 9.30 pm

Eli’s experimental stent trail looks like it will be over before it’s begun when his patient takes a turn for the worse. Will he be able to save the patient’s life and his trial?

Lucky feels vindicated when she finds evidence against Jeni, but her triumph is short lived. How far will Jeni go to protect her secret? As Ange prepares for the life saving transfusion on her unborn baby, Josh and Chloe try to allay her fears. Will her procedure be a success?

Holby City, BBC One, Tuesday 7th, September, 7.50pm (8.20pm on BBC One Scotland)

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