Belfast is full of super savers while Glasgow is big on big spenders

On average, men saved £500 more than women in the last 12 months research finds.

UK residents have saved an average of £2,286 in the last 12 months, new research has revealed. The data was compiled by 888 Casino, who wanted to find out how much money we’d been putting aside in the last year, and what our plans were for spending it in future.

While the average amount saved topped the £2k mark, men saved roughly £500 more than women (£2,651 v £1,978), while those aged 18-24 only saved an average of £1,285 – almost half the national average.

Residents of Belfast are also holding bragging rights by saving the most on average of anywhere else in the UK, at £3,282.50. When asked what people most want from life in the next five years, saving more money (49%), seeing friends and family more (43%) and travelling more (40%) came out on top. Unsurprising given the last 18 months we’ve all had. Glasgow saved the least with £1906.67 on average.


Looking at those ultimate bucket list dreams, the usual suspects held top spot with seeing the Northern Lights (35%) and buying a dream home (23%) our biggest goals.


  • See the Northern Lights (35%)
  • Buy a dream home (23%)
  • Visit Las Vegas (22%)
  • Retire early and travel the world (19%)
  • Drive Route 66 in the USA (17%)

There were, however, some more unique bucket list goals listed by the respondents, such as ‘seeing the glaciers before they disappear’, ‘become an expert gardener’ and ‘write a book’. Visiting the bright lights of Vegas is the number one bucket list item for more than half of 18-24 year olds, with 51% saying that’s a must-do for them in the next five years.

Speaking of travel hotspots, 15% of 35-44 year olds place a visit to Chernobyl in their to-do list.

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