Telly highlights: TOWIE, Tuskegee Airmen, Yorkshire drama and more Midsomer Murders

Telly Today picks for Sunday, October 3rd…

The Only Way Is Essex

Can you believe this is the 29th series of TOWIE? I know it’s proper the dog’s boll… yes, well quite. Anyway, tonight ITV Be bring us the fourth episode in this current series which sees that Gatsby has been busy planning a romantic gesture to ask Dani to be his girlfriend. Can he sweep her off her feet and finally make it official?

Chloe Brockett is unsure if she feels comfortable going to the Essex Festival with Amy and Amber as she feels everyone has an opinion on her. Will she be able to move past it and attend?

 Saffron is having doubts about going on a date as she has never experienced dating before. Can she step out of her comfort zone and take the plunge? Meanwhile, Frankie and Demi have their first lesson with DJ Josh. With only one day to go until their first-ever festival gig, can they learn everything they need to for it to go to plan?

Demi feels guilty that she had to friendzone Diags. Will their friendship be able to continue without any awkwardness or hard feelings?

TOWIE, 9pm ITVBe and ITV Hub

Tuskegee Airmen: Legacy of Courage

Robin Roberts explores the legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen, the legendary group of African American pilots and airmen who fought in WWII.

In this one-hour special, the documentary reveals how these pilots – including Roberts’ own father – were warriors for change who made an astonishing contribution to military history.

Tuskegee Airmen, 9pm Sky History and Now TV

All Creatures Great and Small

Three months have passed since the end of series one. A trip back home to Glasgow presents James with a dilemma that will mean choosing between the people he loves. As Helen and James navigate their feelings for one another, Siegfried, Tristan and Mrs Hall are also forced to consider their places in the world, while James must decide between supporting his family and following his heart.

It’s an important day for Tristan in more ways than one, as he celebrates his birthday and Siegfried gives him brand new responsibilities as a vet. Tristan has to withstand the pressure and succeed in the challenge set by his older brother before returning to Skeldale for his birthday festivities.

However, things unravel when Siegfried catches wind of the fact that Tristan might not have been telling him the whole truth about the events of his special day.

Also, Mrs Hall reminds James that he needs to tell Helen some home truths. A miscommunication pushes the issue to the surface unexpectedly — turning Tristan’s happy evening into a turbulent one, with big consequences.

All Creatures.. 7pm, Channel 5

Midsomer Murders

Victor Karras has been at the helm of Karras Games for over 50 years, transforming the family-run business which creates beautifully handmade board games. Since the Karras family have made their fortune in games, Victor’s pregnant wife ELEANOR decided that to celebrate her husband’s 70th birthday, it only seemed fitting to build such a celebration around a game and so arranged a murder mystery weekend. Gathering at Hulton Manor, a sprawling edifice on its own island, a storm rages outside adding to the immersive experience of the fictional murder playing out in front of them, until Victor tumbles down the stairs, and is impaled by a life-size Egyptian figure– killing him for real.

As Barnaby and Winter arrive to investigate, Fleur informs them that Victor was not killed when impaled by the Anubis but was dead before he hit the ground – he was poisoned with cyanide. With this, the team reason that it was likely administered in something he ate or drank in the 30 minutes before his death, giving them their window.

Midsomer Murders, 8pm ITV/STV/UTV and ITV Hub

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