Halloween decorations prove as popular as ever

This is a treat, no trick – Halloween is near and fake blood is this year’s favourite accessory.

Ahead of this year’s spooky season, fake blood has been revealed as the most popular Halloween accessory. New research from creative resource Design Bundles revealed the most searched for Halloween decorations in preparation for the popular holiday.

The study analysed Google search data from the past 12 months to discover how many times popular Halloween decorations have been Googled in the UK. The research discovered that fake blood is this year’s favourite Halloween accessory, with 34,000 Google searches per month.

The popular Halloween decoration is sold in the majority of shops across the UK, however, there are also lots of ways to make it at home, with various recipes available online. The second favourite decoration is Halloween-themed balloons, with 23,000 Google searches per month on average. Halloween candles ranked third, with an average of 22,000 monthly searches over the course of the past 12 months.

The UK’s most popular Halloween decorations:

Halloween decorations: Average monthly searches per month (UK):
Fake Blood 34,000
Balloons 23,000
Candles 22,000
Pumpkins 19,000
Lights 19,000
Halloween Bunting 14,000
Halloween Wreaths 14,000
Halloween Door Decorations 13,000
Bats 11,000
Halloween Signs 10,000

In fourth and fifth receiving the same amount of Google searches per month are pumpkins and Halloween-themed lights, with 19,000. Receiving 14,000 Google searches are Halloween bunting and Halloween wreaths, which puts them in a joint sixth and seventh position. While wreaths are more typically associated with Christmas, the decoration can be given a spooky feel with themed items such as bats, spiders and cobwebs.

Door decorations are the eighth most searched item, with 13,000 Google searches for the category which can include hanging banners, curtains, posters and stickers. The ninth most searched for Halloween decoration are plastic bats with 11,000 Google searches, bats are a natural symbol of Halloween due to so many of them swarming in late October. Finally, taking tenth place are Halloween signs with 10,000 Google searches per month.

“With Halloween approaching it’s a time when people can really let their creative juices flow, whether that’s through scary costumes or inventive decorations. These results show us that for many Halloween is so much more than just carving a pumpkin, and it looks like people are looking forward to making the most of this year’s festival after last year’s relatively muted celebrations.” – A spokesperson for Design Bundles

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