Telly highlights tonight, superpowers, a goat with a painful foot and jaw-dropping footage

Telly Today highlight for Tuesday, October 5th.


David Ramsey – better known to Arrowverse fans as Diggle – directs this episode, which was co-written by series star Azie Tesfai (Kelly).

Kelly is horrified when the Ormfell building implodes, injuring many in the community, including Joey.

However, her horror quickly turns to frustration when she realizes that the hospital is overwhelmed, people are getting sicker, and no one is coming to help – including Supergirl who is busy fighting Nyxly. Knowing that she can make a difference, Kelly embraces her power and fully steps into her role as Guardian.

Joined by Supergirl, Alex, Diggle and team, Guardian leads the way to restoring justice to the fallen community.

Supergirl, ‘Blind Spots’, Sky Max, 8 pm

The Yorkshire Vet

The Yorkshire Vet follows all the drama, laughter and tears as a group of town and country vets help animals of all kinds across the county. Peter Wright, who was trained in Thirsk by the world’s
most famous vet James Herriot has more than 40 years of experience.

He now works from his new practice Grace Lane Vets in Kirbymoorside, North Yorkshire, where he continues his love of treating domestic pets and farm animals alike. Meanwhile, Julian Norton
— Peter’s former partner at Skeldale — has also started a new venture, setting up Sandbeck Veterinary Centre in Wetherby. Christopher Timothy, who once played James Herriot, provides the
series narration.

Julian races over to a llama trekking centre in the Dales, after one of the youngsters breaks his jaw in a freak accident.

A goat with a painful foot condition is brought in to see Peter, who takes some X-rays to try and find out the cause. A bulldog called Jeff has poisoned himself by eating chewing gum and is rushed into the hospital in Huddersfield. With Jeff’s life in danger, Matt and the team are facing a long night.

One of Jean’s calves has a touch of tummy trouble, with some rather unpleasant evidence on the barn wall! And Julian heads to a local care home to visit one of his favourite former clients.

The Yorkshire Vet, Channel 5, 8pm

Unbelievable Moments: Caught On Camera

This episode of Unbelievable Moments Caught On Camera features more jaw-dropping footage filmed by members of the public.

Alexander Armstrong narrates video clips from across the globe, as those behind the fascinating stories share their memories of these once-in-a-lifetime experiences. From the 74-year-old who wrestled an alligator to save his puppy’s life, to the couple attacked by a wild, rabid animal on their own driveway, the programme is filled with incredible, life-changing events, all of them captured on camera.

Unbelievable Moments: Caught On Camera, ITV/STV/UTV, 9 pm

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