ATV Today – Second Anniversary 1966

October 1966: ATV Today’s second anniversary…

Can you believe it? There is nothing in the Media Archive for Central England’s ATV Today and ATV News collection for October 6th?! So instead let’s flip back to October 5th – the day that ATV Today launched on ATV Midlands back in 1964.

Looking back over two years of news ATV Today presenter David Lloyd and ATV News Editor Brian Hollins introduce the special.

A compilation of previously screened ATV Today musical items is part of the celebration. John Swallow in tights as a policeman on the beat in Aston (4 May 1966); Tibor Reich (10 February 1966); John Bull Breed performing ‘Can’t Chance a Breakup’ (13 May 1966); Henley Regatta (28 July 1966); Boots (6 July 1966); Tea breaks (28 April 1966); Cartridge making (14 July 1966); Kinetic art exhibition (10 May 1966); Getaway (5 August 1966).

ATV Today launched on October 5th as a local magazine series, with ATV News a separate slot. By the end of the decade, ATV Today had been revamped into Team at Six and news and magazine features contained all in one programme. The Team at Six name was short-lived with ATV Today restored in late 1970.

In the clip below from the anniversary edition, John Swallow is dressed as a policeman – a comment on the police being allowed to wear tapered trousers…

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