Children think holidays in the UK are just as – or more – fun as going abroad, research suggests

A survey of a selection of UK boys and girls aged six to 16 revealed three quarters (73 per cent) think it is important to see as many of the best UK sights as possible before heading somewhere else.

The ideal experience for a child is a visit to a waterpark, followed by a day at the beach with an adventure at a theme park taking the third spot. Making up the top five are the opportunity to swim in the sea and being able to go and eat your favourite kind of food. The research was carried out by Premier Inn as families across the country prepare to go away for a half-term holiday.

“Children love the chance to go and visit another country on holiday, but the research shows that they’re desperate to see the sights of the UK and enjoy a homegrown adventure. Families can rest easy knowing that wherever they want to visit in the UK there is no shortage of trips to go on and attractions to enjoy as children approach a well-earned break from school.” – Simon Ewins, managing director for Premier Inn

The research also found, for children, the most important thing when going on holiday is having the chance to spend time with their parents and family. Other important parts of a family break include the opportunity to explore and go on adventures, see new things, relax – and go for a swim.

A child’s best type of holiday is by the beach, with almost twice as many kids’ choosing the seaside as the next nearest options. However, mums and dads should be warned that two thirds (64 per cent) wish their parents would give them more freedom to do what they want when they are on holiday.

And kids want to be involved in the decision process too, with 59 per cent wanting the opportunity to choose where they get to go on holiday. Parents were also called out in the survey, carried out via OnePoll, with 80 per cent of kids claiming their mums and dads manage to annoy them in some way on holiday. The most common complaint from children was about their parents embarrassing them by taking lots of photos.

“As families across the UK start to get ready for an Autumn break this half term, our one piece of advice is to listen to the little ones – they might not be the ones paying for it, but they’ve made it clear they want some involvement in it. And planning trips to some of their favourite places or exploring new ones is a great way of making the most of everything the UK has to offer.

“Premier Inn takes pride in its family-friendly service – and as kids love having breakfast in a hotel, we let them eat for free when their grown-ups tuck in too.” – Simon Ewins, managing director for Premier Inn

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