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Alexander and Bella are the most popular fashion-related baby names in the UK

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Alexander and Bella are the most popular fashion-related baby names in the UK

Michael and Anna are the second most popular fashion baby names while Naomi, Louis, Tommy and Stella all make the top ten lists too.

Bella and Alexander are the most popular baby names based on the fashion industry.

Following the release of the ONS baby name data, research conducted by analysed data from ONS and baby name websites The Bump and Nameberry to establish which fashionable moniker is the most popular, with Bella and Alex taking the top spots.

Bella, after supermodel and influencer Bella Hadid, ranks as the most popular girls name from the fashion industry, beating out all the other fashion inspired names such as Stella, Kendall, Gigi and Donatella.

Alexander placed first amongst boys’ names, and is prominent in the fashion industry thanks to star designers Alexander McQueen and Alexander Wang. Alexander ranked highest on both ONS data for the number of children in the UK with the name and on the number of searches it receives on Nameberry, establishing its spot as the most popular fashion-related boys’ name in the UK.

Alexander McQueen passed away in 2010 yet his brand his still immensely popular, with one of the designers from the Alexander McQueen house, Sarah Burton, designing the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding gown.

The second most popular names with links to the fashion industry were revealed as Anna and Michael. The most influential Anna in the fashion industry is American Vogue Editor in Chief Anna Wintour, who is the chairman of the MET Gala. Similarly, Michael Kors, famous for its signature bags, is one of the biggest names in fashion.

The third most popular boys’ name related to the fashion industry is John, shared by designers John Varvatos and John Galliano who was the head designer for Givenchy and Dior.

Naomi was the third most popular girls’ name and has seen a sharp rise in searches on baby name websites since British supermodel Naomi Campbell announced the birth of her baby daughter. Naomi, which means ‘sweetness and delightful’, saw a dip in popularity in the eighties according to ONS figures, however since 1992 the name’s popularity has only ever risen, correlating with Naomi Campbell’s rise to supermodel fame.

Creeping into the top ten girls’ names based on the fashion industry are Kaia and Kendall, both ninth and tenth respectively. Taken from models Kaia Gerber, Cindy Crawford’s daughter and Kendall Jenner, the highest paid model in the world, the new generation of models are clearly having an impact on wider culture. The name Kaia has seen a dramatic 33 percent jump in popularity since 2018, when Kaia Gerber made her first runway appearance.

“Lockdown has led to a rise in fashion sales thanks to online buying so it is interesting to see how influential the fashion industry is on what people choose to name their children. With 767 articles written about the MET Gala in the last year alone, it is clear to see the influence of the fashion industry is not dwindling.” – A spokesperson for CasinoScores

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