This week in Casualty, Doctors and Holby City

This week in the Beeb’s medical sagas…

Jan and Ffion are forced together in a terrifying hostage situation. They are held captive by a terminally ill lawyer who live-streams his actions on the internet, claiming that one of his clients is responsible for his condition.

Also this week Stevie is on edge as she waits for Ethan to regain consciousness, convinced that her job is hanging in the balance.

Casualty, BBC One, tonight, 9.30 pm

This week there are guest appearances by Trudie Goodwin (The Bill, Emmerdale) as Meg Clarke and Graham Seed (The Archers, Crossroads) as Victor Oliver.

Makeda continues to ask Bear to drop his complaint against St Phil’s, accusing him of putting his feelings before hers. As Mr Whybrow, one of the culprits in Bear’s complaint, briefs Makeda before she goes into surgery, Sid asks Bear whether he took his advice to keep going with his complaint secretly while Valerie is holding a grudge against the others for failing to take her sologamy announcement seriously. Sid tries in vain to get Valerie to forgive them, while Emma and Zara push Daniel to talk to her. Valerie does open up to Daniel, explaining how hurt she feels by the response of her friends to her announcement.

Meg is preparing her French daughter-in-law for a UK citizenship test when Phil, her son and Simone’s husband, arrives. He takes Simone aside to say he is keen for Simone and him to move to France and worries she has become his mother’s unpaid carer, a conversation that Meg overhears.

Karen meets Maggie and she introduces him to her actor friend Victor Oliver, suggesting Karen uses Victor to make Rob jealous and pretend to go on a date. Despite Victor’s best attempts Karen rejects the idea and is upset at Maggie for sharing Karen’s personal issues with a stranger. Victor makes his excuses as he has to go to another booking. Back home Karen tries to get Rob to do something with her but he’s preoccupied with a patch of damp on the wall.

Sid nervously reveals to Ruhma it’s the day of the skydive. Ruhma fails to reassure him it’ll be ok. Sid arrives at the venue and meets Eileen and Laurence, they are interrupted by instructor Ray Flask to get started. Sid tries to hide his nerves from Laurence but it’s Laurence who chickens out, insisting Sid has to do it. Sid reluctantly does the skydive. Sid is thrilled to have completed it and Eileen tells him this shows her Sid is prepared to go the extra mile for Laurence.

Doctors, BBC One, Monday to Thursday, 1.45 pm

Russ learns the truth about Ollie’s relationship with Maisie, but will he get to Ollie in time before anyone else gets hurt? Elsewhere Max and Dom disagree over his diagnosis of a black female patient. Can Max advocate for the patient before it’s too late?

Now that Ange knows the truth about Josh’s bulimia, he vows not to shut her out while she promises not to mother him. But will the couple make this work?

Holby City, BBC One, Tuesday, 7.50 pm (BBC One Scotland at 8.20 pm)

Above: Graham Seed as Charlie Mycroft in CROSSROADS.
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