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Sir Elton John talks Christmas single with Jonathan Ross


Sir Elton John talks Christmas single with Jonathan Ross

Best on the Box choice for Saturday, December 4th…

On this week’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show Jonathan is joined by Sir Elton John via video, Michelle Keegan, Rob Brydon, Judi Love and musical guests Craig David and MNEK.

Sir Elton John joins the show via video link from home and with a new Christmas song with Ed Sheeran, Elton says of his own Christmas plans this year;

“Very quiet Christmas. It’s just the two boys, me and David. The boys open their stockings around 7am. They come down to us at about 8am. It’s very quiet and it’s very personal and we don’t have any guests this Christmas for Christmas day.”

“I’ve spent the last 18 months with the boys, they came on tour with us. Lockdown we were stuck in the house here. I’m usually out and about and never spend time here. I stayed there and I didn’t fidget. I loved it. I know it was so difficult for other people who are less fortunate. I got to spend time with the people I love the most. You have to make the best of what you’ve got. We’re very fortunate. There were many games of Uno, snakes and ladders…”

Elton admits he’s “the worst [to buy a gift for]”. He adds: “David always finds something. He usually buys me a piece of art or a photograph as I collect photographs. Neither of us are easy. We have a two present rule and that’s it and the stocking. We concentrate on the boys. We stick to it now. We really don’t need anything.” 

Discussing the Merry Christmas video with Ed Sheeran, Elton says:

“I don’t really make videos very often. I’d just had my hip replaced. They made sure I sat down. I didn’t expect to see you [Jonathan] or Michael McIntyre or The Darkness. He’s [Ed Sheeran] a bundle of energy – it’s great.”

Of rumours Ed nearly killed Elton while filming the video, Elton admits:

“I beg your pardon? I have no idea about this! I have no idea… this is news to me. Have you got proof?”

Jonathan explains a bell nearly hit him in the head. Elton asks: “How big was the bell? Wait until I see that little b******!”

Elton adds of Ed:

“I started managing him right at the beginning. Our company managed him from the word go. I really like him. He’s one of the kindest, hard working people I’ve met. He’s just a sweetheart. I love him. I’m so glad he’s happy. He’s 30, he’s got a little girl, got a lovely wife.”

Elton, confirming their humorous friendship, jokes: “He’s gone through that stage of getting drunk all the time. He’s alright. He’s very small. Apparently in every department….”

The Jonathan Ross Show, ITV (STV/UTV) tonight at 10.30 pm

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