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Friends’ is the most fashionable TV show?

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Friends’ is the most fashionable TV show?

New research on Instagram data reveals that ‘Friends’ is the most fashionable TV show…

The 90s sitcom beat other influential TV shows such as Gossip Girl, Peaky Blinder’s and Sex and the City.

A recent study by creative resource Design Bundles analysed 17 popular TV shows and 59 characters from them to find which one has the most Instagram hashtags and is therefore the most influential on the social media platform.

The study found that Friends is the most influential show, receiving 7,236,557 hashtags on Instagram. The total is made up of 1.19 million hashtags for the show’s title, and more than six million combined for its six main characters, led by 1.13 million for its most hash tagged character, Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Rachel Green’. She and ‘Chandler Bing’, played by Matthew Perry, are the only two characters in the study with more than one million hashtags on Instagram.

The enduring popularity of Friends is illustrated by the fact that the main character with the lowest hashtag count – Phoebe Buffay – has 836k, which is still at least 100k more than any of the 53 other non-Friends characters in the study.


TV Show:

Combined Character and TV Show Hashtag:





Gossip Girl



Peaky Blinders



Sex and the City






Mad Men



Scream Queens



Schitts Creek






Killing Eve


Upper East Side’s Gossip Girl is in second on Instagram with 4,270,286 hashtags with Leighton Meester’s mean girl ‘Blair Waldorf’ contributing the greatest number of hashtags to the final score, with 672k.

“Friends is one of the world’s all-time favourite sitcoms, and alongside the wit, humour and warmth, the characters’ style was hugely influential as well. Fashion icons such as Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Rachel Green’ sported new looks every episode, which are still relevant today, more than a decade after the show finished. It is also interesting to see that the most influential character on Instagram isn’t another fashion icon from a show set in New York, with Sarah Jessica Parker’s ‘Carrie Bradshaw’ placing fourth in the list.” – Design Bundles

Ruthless Birmingham gang Peaky Blinders are in third with 3,737,050 hashtags on Instagram. Gang leader ‘Thomas (Tommy) Shelby’ played by Cillian Murphy is the most influential male of the show contributing the most hashtags to the overall score, with 669k.

Iconic New York foursome puts Sex and the City in fourth with 1,673,525 hashtags on Instagram, driven by New York’s favourite writer ‘Carrie Bradshaw’ who is the most influential on the show thanks to 430k hashtags.

Family drama Dynasty is in fifth receiving 1,044,383 Elizabeth Gillies’ ‘Fallon Carrington’ being the most influential of the show and contributing 96k hashtags. Don Draper played by Jon Hamm is the most influential male of Mad Men and the show ranks sixth receiving 945,643 hashtags on Instagram.

Scream Queens, Schitt’s Creek, Bridgerton and Killing Eve round out the top ten most influential shows on Instagram.

Methodology: Design Bundles took 59 influential characters from 17 TV shows. They put the character name with the term ‘style’ or ‘fashion’ next to it and the TV show into Instagram as a hashtag which were then added up together to get a combined hashtag score. Used the combined hashtag score to rank the TV shows.

The study was conducted by Design Bundles, which offers high-quality premium design resources and a marketplace that allows graphic designers to register and sell their products.

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