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TV Highlights: From Emmerdale bloopers to a bullying Jackapoo


TV Highlights: From Emmerdale bloopers to a bullying Jackapoo

Telly Today for January 4th…

Slippy Soap…

Yes, Emmerdale, but not as we usually see it. These days re-takes and take-two or three is permitted. In the sixties, seventies and eighties time was money and mistakes often went to air in all the serials. But with modern technology and things like editing, we don’t often get to see bloopers within the shows anymore. And some viewers miss those fluffed lines, dodgy sets and random cameras wandering into the shot.

If you like that kind of thing then tonight ITV offer up a brand-new serving of slip-ups as the Yorkshire Dales stars share their funniest moments from when filming hasn’t quite gone according to plan. Narrated by Julie Walters cast favourites includes Lisa Riley, Lucy Pargeter, Mark Charnock, Roxy Shahidi, Dominic Brunt, Chris Bisson, Claire King and Amy Walsh bring tales of the unexpected from behind the scenes in the Dales.

Emmerdale: Soapy Slip-Ups, ITV/STV/UTV, 7.30 pm

Dig Deep…

Professor Alice Roberts returns with a revamp of Digging for Britain. With exclusive behind-the-scenes access, Alice and Beeb cameras witness the excavation of what’s been called the most important Roman Mosaic to be found in the UK in over 100 years. Alice is on site in Rutland to meet farmer’s son Jim, who discovered that the field he’d known his whole life contained a large Roman Villa complex lying just beneath the surface. During 2020’s long lockdown Jim and his family dug beneath some crop marks to find part of a spectacular mosaic, just feet under their wheat field.

Returning in 2021, archaeologists fully reveal this huge mosaic illustrating scenes from the Trojan War, its state of preservation beyond the archaeologists’ wildest dreams. Alice helps uncover key sections of the mosaic, and witnesses the discovery of human remains, buried inches above the precious floor. Also Stuart Prior tries ale made to a previously unknown Anglo-Saxon recipe, uncovered during a dig taking place at a huge malting site in North Norfolk.

Digging for Britain, BBC Two, 8 pm

Feeling Woof…

Master dog trainer Graeme Hall is back with more doggie problems. Graeme travels the country helping some of the UK’s most desperate owners regain control of their dogs, giving them his no-nonsense appraisals, easy-to-follow training techniques and long-lasting fixes. More often than not, he has to work harder on the owners than on the dogs…

This week two Newfoundlands, who should be at the heart of a family, are instead scaring them away. Grandparents Dawn and Gordon wanted to do the right thing by rescuing dogs Simon and Panda. But this delinquent duo is doing nothing but wrong by them.

Whenever the family come over, they’re met by this fearsome pair and scared off before they even cross the threshold. Will Graeme be able to tame these bear-like dogs?

John and Linda love life in the Lake District, and so does their dog Harris. Trouble is, he loves it too much. This wild swimmer is out of control and, once he’s dipped his paws in, he’s not coming out and then there’s Luna. Single mum Fenella got this Jackapoo as a companion and they get on like a house on fire. But there’s a problem. Luna bullies her son Matthew, which certainly isn’t helping his fear of dogs.

Dogs Behaving Very Badly, Channel 5, 8 pm

Anyone for…

The new year just got a little more awkward, as the coming-of-age dramedy PEN15 returns with the second half of its second series.

When viewers last caught up with Anna and Maya, Anna learned that her father would be moving out of their house, and she’d have to decide with which of her divorcing parents she’d want to live.
This episode, ‘Bat Mitzvah‘ picks things up as Anna adjusts to a life that’s split between both parents’ houses, while she and Maya navigate new romances with high school boys.

PEN15: Bat Mitzvah, Sky Comedy, 9 pm

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