The nation’s favourite non-alcoholic drink?

Heineken 0.0 is the drink of choice this dry January…

The UK’s favourite non-alcoholic drink is Heineken 0.0, the non-alcoholic twist on the classic beer that has been searched 3,600 times in the past month alone. This year has seen a 22% increase in Brits planning to take part in Dry January as people around the UK, look to opt out of booze and replace it for a non-alcoholic alternative. A study by kitchen experts Maxima Kitchen Equipment used Google data to find out what exactly were the UK’s favourite non-alcoholic drinks..

The research revealed UK’s favourite non-alcoholic drink is a Heineken 0.0, the beer has been searched 3,600 times in the past month alone.  The brand was first launched in the UK in 2017, and is set to be made available on draught in pubs this year after a successful pilot scheme in the summer of 2021.

The study found Becks Blue in second place with 3,300 searches in the past 30 days alone. It is followed by Lucky Saint beer in third place with 3,200 searches and Guinness Zero in fourth with 3,000 searches.

Virgin Mojito, a twist on the classic cocktail came in fifth place overall, making it the nation’s favourite mocktail, with 2,800 searches in the past month.

A mixture of other classic mocktails made the list as well such as Virgin Mary in eighth place, as well as the prosecco alternative Nozeco in 13th place.

The term Non-alcoholic beer has been searched 8,100 times and non-alcoholic wine 9,900 times in the past 30 days.

A spokesperson for Maxima Kitchen Equipment:

“Lots of people spend months looking forward to Christmas, and the chance to indulge a little more than usual, in both food and drink. However, in January it’s becoming more and more popular to try and start the year with a health-conscious mindset, whether it be going dry for the month or just trying to drink a little bit less than usual. It is interesting to see the growing popularity in non-alcoholic drinks and which ones are the nation’s favourites.”

Rank Keyword Number of monthly searches UK
1 Heineken 0.0 3,600
2 Becks Blue 3,300
3 Lucky Saint beer 3,200
4 Guinness Zero 3,000
5 Virgin Mojito 2,800
6 Peroni Libera 1,600
7 Brew Dog Nanny state 1,600
8 Virgin Mary drink 1,310
9 Shirley Temple Cocktail 1,300
10 Virgin Pina colada 1,010
11 Planters Punch 1,000
12 Brewdog Punk af 800
13 Nozeco 700
14 Erdinger Alkoholfrei 600
15 Arnold palmer cocktail 600

The research was carried out by Maxima Kitchen Equipment.

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