Andrew Neil to present Boris Johnson documentary for Channel 4

The former face of GB News heads to Channel 4 to probe the goings-on of Boris Johnson.

As Boris Johnson fights for his premiership, Britain’s pre-eminent political interviewer Andrew Neil is on the inside track of Conservative Party turmoil.

Andrew Neil:

“It’s the biggest leadership in crisis in three decades and we have a ringside seat.”

The programme asks… Is this all of Boris Johnson’s own making?

From the Owen Patterson debacle to fancy wallpaper and the infamous, headline-grabbing parties, Andrew uses his unique access to Conservative MPs to take us inside the biggest leadership crisis the country has faced since the fall of Margaret Thatcher.

With exclusive access, Andrew speaks to the key players as events unfold, including Lord Frost, Red Wall MP Lee Anderson and David Davis, who all confide in Andrew as Boris fights for his political life. He will explore if Boris Johnson, the great political survivor, is now finished.

Louisa Compton, Ch4 Head of News and Current Affairs and Specialist Factual and Sport:

“With Boris Johnson’s future as UK Prime Minister seemingly hanging on a knife edge – who better to examine how we got here and what could happen next than Britain’s leading political journalist Andrew Neil. This timely film underlies the Channel’s commitment to producing distinctive, thought-provoking  and outstanding  journalism.”

Boris Johnson:  Has He Run Out of Road? is a one-off documentary to air on Channel 4 and ALL 4 on Sunday 30th January.

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