Are you energy efficient in the home?

Brits appear to like to leave the TV on while nobody is watching it, keep the heating on when no one is in and ignore draughts…

A poll of a selection of UK adults found 18 per cent run the washing machine when it’s only half full, and 23 per cent leave the lights on in empty rooms. Nearly four in 10 take longer showers than needed, and nearly three in 10 use regular bulbs when replacing lights rather than more energy-efficient LEDs.

It also emerged more than a third are aware of when they’re using more energy than they need but do it anyway. However, with 65 per cent worried about the energy price cap increase, that looks set to change as 62 per cent plan to re-evaluate their habits to save money in the months ahead.

Marc Robson, a smart energy expert at British Gas, which commissioned the research:

“There is lots of help available for those struggling with energy costs and advice on how to make everyday savings. It’s surprising how much you can achieve by making a few easy adjustments around the home.

“Every time I do a home visit with a customer, I am asked to find at least one small change they can make that will help them become more energy efficient. And it doesn’t just help them save on their bills – it’s good news for the environment, too.”

The research also found that 59 per cent of Brits don’t realise the impact energy waste might have on their bills. Although two-thirds would soon stop doing wasteful things if they could physically see how much energy they’re losing. And 75 per cent would change their habits if they were more aware of the money they could save.

More than one in five (21 per cent) are already being regularly nagged by someone in their household for doing things that waste energy, with kids named the worst for this (17 per cent).

Marc Robson, from British Gas:

“We have a responsibility to help our customers save energy. It always helps knowing exactly where your energy goes and that’s where smart meters can help.

“I go in and out of customers’ homes every day, installing smart meters and giving people practical energy saving advice to implement in every room. Once they can identify where their energy is going, they can take some simple steps to improve their energy efficiency and bring their bills down.”

In need of advice? The British Gas Energy Trust is also there to help anyone, not just British Gas customers. British Gas also has a Winter Fund to provide grants for customers with energy debt which can be applied for at

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