Too Hot To Handle stars prove social media darlings

Too Hot To Handle has returned to Netflix and its participants are already feeling the love on social media…

The series debuted in 2020 and is now on its third series. With this in mind, ATV Today Lifestyle has delved into the online world of the latest contestants to understand who is coming out on top on Instagram as a result of the airing.

Compiled by analysing Influencer Marketing Hub by Tanologist, to gain insights on their followers, engagement score and average earning per post! Truth DuVaun had an early exit from the show, but his engagement rate on Instagram still stands at 17.80%!

Nathan Mngomezulu is the boy with the highest engagement score on Instagram at a whopping 13.13%! Georgia Hassarati is the girl with the highest engagement score on Instagram at 10.69%!

Georgia, from Queensland also has the most followers at 179,000 out of the contestants and can reportedly earn up to $407.50 dollars PER POST!  Holly Scarfone has the second-highest amount of followers at 101,000 and can reportedly earn up to 342.50 dollars per post!

Olga Bednarska joined the show later than the original contestants, but already has the potential to earn 193 dollars per post! 

Contestant Instagram Handle Followers Engagement Rate Estimated Earnings Per Post
Georgia Hassarati georgiahassarati 179k 10.69% $244.5 – $407.5
Holly Scarfone hollyscarfone 101k 5.39% $205.5 – $342.5
Stevan Ditter stevanditter 69k 6.60% $151 – $259
Truth DuVaun truthsworld 42k 17.80% $141 – $242
Beaux Raymond _beauxraymond_ 65k 3.70% $133.5 – $222.5
Izzy Fairthorne izfairr 46k 8.60% $127 – $218
Harry Johnson harryjohnson92 57k 6.60% $116 – $199
Jazlyn Holloway jazkills 23k 5.58% $95.25 – $158.75
Nathan Mngomezulu nathsoan 63k 13.13% $67.5 – $112.5
Patrick Mullen thepatmullen 15k 5.80% $64 – $110
Olga Bednarska olga_bednarska 23k 5.70% $112 – $193
Obi Nnadi obi_blvd 12k 8.50% $78 – $134
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