Pick of the Plots: Thursday 27th January

Your Pick of the Plots for Thursday, January 27.

Phil finally admits that he’s actually looking at life in prison leaving Kat floored but she vows to stand by him. Not wanting to put her in harm’s way, Phil doesn’t mention the informant deal offered by DCI Keeble.

Meanwhile, Stuart tries to casually ask Jean about her cancer, but she clocks and asks when he got his diagnosis. Jean mentions some natural remedies she supplemented her treatment with but Stuart latches on to the idea he doesn’t need any surgery at all.

Elsewhere, Kheerat books Chelsea a pamper session at the salon and takes Gray to the hospital to keep him away. He does his best to get Gray to confess but the doctor interrupts them.

Also, Mitch and Bailey get the wrong end of the stick.

EastEnders, BBC One, 7.30pm

Jacob is upset when DS Rogers informs him that Meena might have left the country.

Meanwhile, Billy is angry but soon wants to make amends with Dawn. He announces he wants to marry her as soon as possible.

Later, Meena seethes at the sight of Dawn’s ‘save the date’ for the wedding, hellbent on getting her revenge.

Elsewhere, Mackenzie and Charity are now over, but Vanessa messes with Mackenzie’s head when she tells him Charity was actually coming to apologise to him before he kissed Dawn.

Emmerdale, ITV, 7pm

It’s games night at the Chen-Williams’ but Serena isn’t in the mood. To make matters worse, Lizzie has invited Sid. As things get competitive, Serena blurts out a shocking secret.

Later, Imran offers Sid some advice.

Meanwhile, Cindy involves herself in Tom and Yazz’s marriage.

Elsewhere, Ollie arranges to meet with Stephen McGregor, posing as Luke. Becky is uneasy about the plan and turns to Cindy for help.

Stephen encounters Luke on his way to the park, but as the pair talk about old times, does Luke truly understand what’s going on?

Hollyoaks, Channel 4, 6.30pm

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