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TV Highlights: From Jon Snow to a glitzy reality series


TV Highlights: From Jon Snow to a glitzy reality series

TV highlights for Saturday, March 19th…

Channel 5

With another killing and Beth a suspect, Mattie races to solve the case and clear her aunt’s name.

Who did the deed? Was it Oscar’s publisher, who was skimming off the top? His literary agent, who was at risk of losing Oscar’s contract to a rival? Or a fellow author, whom Oscar had accused of plagiarizing?

Queens of Mystery, Channel 5, 9.25 pm


A glitzy reality series aka ‘a real-life soap opera’ follows a group of young, affluent and famous A-list media personalities.

Hailing from South Africa, Nigeria and East Africa, this aspirational who’s who of music, media, fashion and Insta stars comes together in JoBurg. All friends and connected, they are on a quest to find love, rekindle old flames, reboot struggling relationships as they continue to shine bright.

Young, Famous and African, now streaming on Netflix

Channel 4

A nice happy programme for Saturday evening…

Following the fall of the Berlin Wall and implosion of the USSR, Cold War nightmares about nuclear armageddon faded into the background.

Now, following President Putin putting his nuclear strategic forces on high alert, Channel 4 explores the unthinkable: the possible Russian use of nuclear weapons as part of the Ukrainian conflict.

Presenter Jon Snow attempts to unpick why Putin is threatening nuclear escalation, what it means for the conflict in Ukraine, and the implications for us and the rest of the world.

What If Putin Goes Nuclear? With Jon Snow, Channel 4, 6.30 pm

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