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Pobol y Cwm: Concerns for Dani’s welfare | Rownd a Rownd: Sophie prepares for the baby

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Pobol y Cwm: Concerns for Dani’s welfare | Rownd a Rownd: Sophie prepares for the baby

This week in Cwmderi and Glanrafon…

Dani learns of Wilko’s true intentions as he takes her to a secluded cottage far away from Cwmderi. Meanwhile, Ffion finds a bottle of alcohol in Arwen’s school bag. As concern mounts over Dani’s safety, Tyler turns to Garry to save his sister. Over in the Deri, it’s time for Brynmor’s surprise birthday party.

Garry admits that he’s still in love with Dani. In the meantime, Andrea learns of Garry’s intention to leave Cwmderi behind her back.

Pobol y Cwm, S4C, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, 8 pm. English and Welsh subtitles. Omnibus on Sunday.

When Sophie gets an idea she goes for it, and she is determined to get the spare room ready for the baby’s arrival. Despite Dylan’s warnings for her to be careful, nobody could have dreamt how things would end up.

Kelvin is miserable for more than one reason. Initially, he had hoped to go for a picnic with Mel but has ended up having to help her clear her things from her mum’s house… but by the end of the afternoon, it’s Ken and Kay who are miserable.

Rhys’s comments about Barry have had such an effect on Dani that she does something very foolish; something that could put her relationship with Barry in jeopardy. Jason becomes fed up with the questioning about his falling out with Barry… and things are very messy at Llŷr’s house.

Rownd a Rownd, S4C, Change to schedule this week: Wednesday 30th March and Thursday 31st March 8.25 pm. English and Welsh subtitles.

Rownd a Rownd, Mel, S4C


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