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ITV2 bring out the Deep Heat


ITV2 bring out the Deep Heat

ITV describe ‘Deep Heat’ as ‘a warmhearted ensemble comedy’…

Deep Heat is about friendship, families and overcoming the odds and finding one’s place in the world. Leap off the top rope into the glitzy-but-grimy world of British professional wrestling and fall in love with the gang of misfits trying to keep a family business alive.

Quick-witted and rebellious Holly (Jahannah James) is a frustrated wannabe wrestler. And she’s just found herself facing the challenge of a lifetime. When all of BOSS Pro Wrestling’s top talent are poached by her brother Nick Nitro (Richard Fleeshman), causing their mum Pam (Pippa Haywood) to be devastated. There’s one hope: If Holly can bring together BOSS Pro’s remaining gang of young rejects, the company might just survive.

Holly’s hopes of making it to Slamageddon – BOSS Pro’s big show – rest on a team anyone else would give up on. Nervous but talented newbie Jack (Max Olesker) has enrolled as a trainee. He finds himself in a blossoming bromance with freewheeling, eccentric roadie Woodhouse (Ivan Gonzalez).

Also part of the group is the mighty Ben (Paul Olima), easily confused, but with a heart of gold; fast-talking hustler Mya (Sasha Desouza-Willock); debonair-but-past-it former champion Clifford-Baxter ‘The Gentleman Grappler’ (Alistair Petrie); and Bertha (Sharon Rooney), a woman of few words but an overabundance of confidence and bizarre, home-made costumes. It’s a diverse, weird and wonderful group – an unlikely crowd who find companionship in (or sat beside) the ring.

We join the BOSS crew as they embark on a journey of spandex, slams, and self-discovery, leading towards the biggest fight of their lives – a battle of wills with the obnoxious Nick Nitro and his awful crew.

Plus, with her overly-protective mum out of the way, Holly might just make it into the ring herself – under a mask, who would even know, right…

The first episode of Deep Heat, entitled The Betrayal, airs tomorrow on ITV2, and the ITV Hub, at 10 pm

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