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Husband and wife team boost support for Ukrainian citizens


Husband and wife team boost support for Ukrainian citizens

The world is coming together to support the people of Ukraine, but husband and wife duo Jo and Cliff Barry are going above and beyond to support the humanitarian crisis at hand. 
On the 10th of June 2022, the Humanitarian Aid Ukraine fundraiser will be taking place to support the Great British drive to assist the Ukrainian citizens who are suffering during these difficult times. 4.5 million people have been displaced with 2.5 million people heading to borders with other countries in their desire to reach safety for their families and especially the elderly, women, and children.

The husband-and-wife duo have first-hand knowledge of what is happening at the borders where the Ukrainian people are gathering. There are hundreds of thousands of people gathered at the borders waiting patiently to be cleared to enter the country they have arrived at. While they wait, they have a need for food, water, essentials we take for granted, the need to look after the elderly and of course to keep the over 1,000 babies alive that have been born at border crossings.

Cliff Barry, Founder of Humanitarian Aid Ukraine commented:

“By the time the 10th of June arrives, we will have sent over 75 tons of products to various border crossings consisting of food products, baby goods, sanitary products, medical products, medicines, and other essential items. Amongst this, around 6.5 tons of those goods will be nappies for babies.

“All the goods have been generously donated but that is just part of this huge story. Once the goods are gathered, they need to get to the borders. This is the costliest part of the journey. Each trip has a cost of 50p per mile with an average trip, including the channel crossing, costing around £1,000.00. Our aim through our activities is to help alleviate these costs through fundraisers.

The first fundraiser will be at Alexandra House Hotel where The Zoots will provide the entertainment and where we have a variety of items to be auctioned.

Amongst these items there is a Diamond Pendant Necklace with a retail value of £3,000 supported by a valuation certificate and donated by Purely Diamonds, there is a 65” Smart TV donated by Kevin Old, a Chopper bike donated by Mitchell Cycles of Swindon, A £400 voucher to Randall & Aubin in Soho London, a dinner for 2 with champagne at St Helenas in Elstow, a break in the Cotswolds at The Fox at Barrington and a 10 day B&B 5 Star holiday at Kayumanis in Bali.

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