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French newspaper “Le Monde” launch a daily digital edition in English


French newspaper “Le Monde” launch a daily digital edition in English

Groupe Le Monde, the leading independent French media group for political and general news, has launched an English-language digital edition.

Starting yesterday, 7th April, Le Monde offers up a website called “Le Monde in English” as well as a daily newsletter with a digest of its articles, translated into English, in order to allow the articles written by its 500 journalists to reach a much larger audience.

Louis Dreyfus, Chief Executive Officer of Groupe Le Monde:

“Over the past 10 years, Le Monde has managed to build up a structurally profitable business model and has seen its paid circulation double to almost 500,000 copies daily. This growth is due in particular to the steady increase in digital subscribers, making it the leading French daily newspaper.

“Le Monde has also introduced a series of measures to reach a wider French-speaking audience, notably through Le Monde Afrique and increased coverage of news from Africa. With the launch of “Le Monde in English”, we’re focusing on another target audience that of English-speaking readers eager for an alternative take on European and international news, politics, the environmental crisis, the economy and culture. With this investment, our aim is to maintain our growing digital subscriber base and eventually have our international audience represent nearly a quarter of our subscribers.”

“Le Monde in English” is a separate website that is a mirror image of Le Monde’s website, with an English interface. The articles that are published daily on the Le Monde website are translated into English and made available through a specific subscription to “Le Monde in English”.

A daily newsletter with a selection of articles in English is offered to readers.

Jérôme Fenoglio and Louis Dreyfus, Le Monde Picture Crédit, Damien Grenon

An editorial process involving two networks of English-speaking translators and a team of dedicated journalists. The translation of Le Monde articles is done by two American translation agencies,* and Lionbridge** who use a network of professional native English-speaking translators, with help from an artificial intelligence system.

Then a team of journalists from Le Monde’s newsroom, split between its Paris and Los Angeles offices polish, enrich and publish the articles online. This complete translation circuit guarantees the same level of reliable and verified content in “Le Monde in English” as in the French articles.

Jérôme Fenoglio, Director of Le Monde:

Le Monde places a premium on reporting, investigation, analysis and in-depth information, and guarantees reliable, high-quality news for its readers. At the same time, we strive to foster public debate and allow readers to form their own opinions.

“With “Le Monde in English”, English-speaking readers will be able to enjoy this unique, independent and balanced perspective on international news, geopolitics, the environmental crisis and major economic and social issues. With a newsroom of 500 journalists, 50 correspondents around the world, as well as its desk in Los Angeles, Le Monde is equipped to provide wide-ranging and in-depth coverage of the events that are shaping the planet and the debates taking place in societies around the World. Offering Le Monde in English helps to diversify the media landscape and meets the growing demand for quality reporting.”

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