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Kevin McCloud returns with second series of ‘The Streets’ version of Grand Designs


Kevin McCloud returns with second series of ‘The Streets’ version of Grand Designs

Kevin McCloud is back looking at affordable builds…

In this new series, Kevin McCloud returns to Graven Hill in Oxfordshire, the UK’s largest mass self-build site, to witness the trials, setbacks and successes of those endeavouring to craft their own highly individual homes.

Kevin also witnesses the birth of a new street in Glasgow, with co-presenter Natasha Huq. Glasgow City Council have given six families an opportunity to construct their wildest visions on a small plot located near the city centre.

Cameras film the progress of the first project to go up there – an American ranch-style home. Grand Designs: The Streets captures the spirit of community engendered by these impressive self-build streets, as the determination, resilience and ambition of the builders shines through to create something extraordinary.

In this first episode of the second series the show is back at Graven Hill in Oxfordshire, where Carlos and Maite have ambitious plans to build a bold, Spanish-inspired home. But Maite doesn’t just want to live in it, she’s also designing it – without any professional qualifications! She’s being helped by an architect – but they have rather different ideas about how the house should look. Maite and Carlos have put everything on the line to build their home, but with creative differences in the mix and a tight budget, will Maite get to realise her extraordinary vision?

Grand Designs: The Streets, Channel 4, 9 pm

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