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Kellogg’s now produces ONE MILLION boxes of cereal a day…


Kellogg’s now produces ONE MILLION boxes of cereal a day…

The Manchester-based factory transforms a whopping 200 tonnes of corn every day.

It’s a 25 per cent rise in production since 2016 when Kellogg’s were producing 750,000 boxes of cereal. Around half is used to create Cornflakes – Britain’s best-loved cereal, while the remaining half is divided between Crunchy Nut and Frosties.

Crunchy Nut is the brand’s second most-loved cereal with 25 million kilos sold every year compared with 10 million kilos of Frosties. Coco Pops remains their most popular cereal with children with 21 million kilos sold per year.

The findings, which are revealed in Channel 4’s Inside the Superbrands tomorrow (Sunday 17th April), come as Kellogg’s open up about removing sugar from its brands. Since 2011, it has removed 11,000 tonnes of sugar from its cereals.

The bid to tackle childhood obesity included stopping the production of Ricicles, only advertising Crunchy Nut to adults and creating a healthier range, WK Kellogg. It also stopped featuring Tony the Tiger in advertising and changed the recipe for Coco Pops to help reduce sugar by up to 50 per cent.

And just last week, it adapted the iconic Special K recipe to reduce salt across the cereal range by an average of 20 per cent.

Paul Wheeler, director of communications at Kellogg’s:

“We recognise the need to evolve. In the 50s and 60s – sugar wasn’t as much of a concern for people, because it was the end of post-war austerity and you probably weren’t feeding your kids a lot of calories. Attitudes have changed now and about three years ago we made a decision to change, we got rid of high-sugar Ricicles and introduced 50 per cent reduction in sugar on Coco Pops.

“We do make some indulgent options if you want that – it all depends on what you want. We haven’t advertised Tony the Tiger for nearly two decades – while we all still love Tony, less people want to eat his food than they did three decades ago. It’s a fact.”

Kellogg’s told how it is transforming recipes by opting for more natural flavourings. In the UK, seven in 10 homes have Kellogg’s in their cupboards and the brand exists in 150 countries around the globe.

The programme highlighted how Kellogg’s has evolved in all of its recipes. The UK cereal market is worth £2 billion a year and Kellogg’s has invested heavily in identifying future trends to help ‘get ahead’.

The programme gives a look at the first low-sugar Special K Granola which includes chocolate flavour and cranberry and blackcurrant, which are both due out in June. It also highlights how Kellogg’s employ a trends team who look up to 10 years ahead to ensure they’re getting ahead of their competitors, but reiterated healthy cereals were here to stay.

A spokesperson for the company:

“We’re not adding any sweeteners, which is something we’re very proud of. It’s about finding different ways of evolving those recipes, clever ways; such as Coco Pops where we put the cocoa in at a different stage so you still get the taste but less sugar. Demonising one nutrient isn’t helpful but there is that need to help people make healthy choices.”

Inside the Superbrands airs on Sunday night at 8pm on Channel 4.

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