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Filmzie launches new TV channel on TCL


Filmzie launches new TV channel on TCL

 Film and TV streaming platform Filmzie launches FAST television channel with major TV brand TCL.

Film aficionados and casual viewers alike will now be able to enjoy a huge array of movies for free with the launch of Filmzie’s free ad-supported TV channel on TCL televisions stateside.

Boasting a growing list of movies ranging from timeless classics to new releases, viewers across the U.S. can watch a range of iconic and newly released films on Filmzie for free. There are no membership costs and no apps to download.

Amongst the films available on the channel is the moving sports drama Forever Strong, starring Gary Cole (Suits, Veep, The Good Fight) and Penn Badgley (You, Gossip Girl), which follows the story of a troubled union player who is pitted against his own father’s team at the national championships.

Viewers can also enjoy the inspiring drama Shadows in the Sun about an aspiring young writer who tracks a literary titan suffering from writer’s block to his refuge in rural Italy. The film stars Harvey Keitel (Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs) and Joshua Jackson (Dawson’s Creek, The Mighty Ducks).

As well as a broad selection of iconic classics, viewers will have access to documentary films such as the indispensable Style Wars, which exposes the rich growing subculture of Hip Hop which was developing in New York in the late 70’s.

The TCL channel comes after Filmzie’s successful recent launch on Roku® and represents its ongoing commitment to bringing free, content to United States audiences. Filmzie is continuing to grow its international profile and is proving to be a huge hit with film lovers around the world.

Matej Boda, CEO of Filmzie:

“Filmzie has a wide range of high-quality films for audiences to discover. We are hearing more and more that people are becoming fed up with having endless different subscriptions. At Filmzie, we believe in democratising access and with rising costs, having a new, free way to find entertainment is increasingly important. Our diverse slate of films from Shadows in the Sun to Forever Strong offers something for everyone to enjoy.”

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