Ross Kemp looks at the Kaiser Sunken Fleet with Sky History

Ross’ Shipwreck Treasure series continues this week.

In the second episode of the series, entitled The Kaiser Sunken Fleet, Ross Kemp takes on the deepest of wrecks in Scapa Flow. Ross needs to successfully navigate decompression training, before heading out with local dive guide Emily Turton to dive on one of the biggest of the Kaiser’s Imperial war ships from World War I, SMS Karlsruhe.

As he explores the eerie relic, Ross tries to understand how and why the German fleet ended up on the Scottish seabed, when they had already surrendered months earlier.

Ross Kemp:

“Every shipwreck I’ve dived on has had a story to tell, tales that echo from our past into the present. They speak to us of bravery, sacrifice, and progress but also of cruelty and heartbreak. I have discovered the impact the sea has had not only on my own family but also on world history. It’s been challenging; it’s been emotional, but it’s also been lots of fun. There are plenty more shipwrecks in the ocean and I can’t wait to dive on them.”

Across the series Kemp is joined by expert diver Emily Turton and maritime archaeologist and expert diver Mallory Haas on expeditions to the most spectacular shipwrecks in the UK, uncovering hidden treasures and history from Britain’s past.

The team travel across the UK to dive in extremely hazardous environments to discover the secrets that lie beneath the sea. Ross will dive on WWI and WWII wrecks like the warship SMS Karlsruhe and SS Tabarka; a British submarine and the Iona II and an American Civil War ‘gun runner’ lost in mysterious circumstances in the Bristol Channel.

Mallory will show Ross a recently uncovered wreck, its identity, if proven, will put Ross at the centre of an archaeological discovery that would shed new light on one of the most sinister and suppressed chapters in British history.

Dan Korn, VP of Programming at A+E Networks UK:

“We’re delighted to be working with Ross Kemp, Honey Bee, Motion Content Group and Freshwater Films. The series not only captures the incredible history submerged around the British Isles and waiting to be discovered, but Ross’s passion for and personal connection with the subject matter really shines through.”

Ross Kemp: Shipwreck Treasure Hunter: The Kaiser Sunken Fleet, Sky History, Monday 25th April, 9 pm

SKY HISTORY is available on Sky 123, Virgin 270, Talk Talk 327 and NOW.

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